Happy Thanksgiving!

I feel like someone stuffed a butterball under my shirt!

*photobombed by Axul!

*photobombed by Axul!

We had a low-key Thanksgiving lunch with my mom and her friend Dan.  I took care of the turkey (read: purchased it from Honeybaked Ham ;)) and the rolls and my mom cooked everyyyythinggggg else. God bless her!  Everything was delicious! 

It was unseasonably warm today, which was just fine with me. It's supposed to rain from tomorrow until next Wednesday, so the 70 degree weather today was quite welcome. It does feel a little weird to have our house decorated for Christmas with the warm weather, but I know it will be freezing in no time.

I went ahead and put the tree up and decorated yesterday! I usually don't do it until at least after Thanksgiving, if not sometime in December, but yesterday I just figured what's one day early? I've been having contractions (for weeks now, so it probably doesn't mean anything!) but I just wanted to make sure it was all done before baby girl decides to make her appearance!

Plus, we finally got a new tree... and I love it! I've been wanting a taller one for a few years now and finally bit the bullet. Apparently my ceilings are only 9ft tall.. ha! So my 9ft tree doesn't leave much room for a topper, but I don't even care! It's perfect. The way our living room is set up the tree has to be next to one of our couches, so I needed a slim tree but didn't want one of those super skinny pencil trees. I shopped around and found this one at Lowe's and it's perfect for our space!

I also ordered us new stockings with our names on them and baby girl's is hanging on the mantle... it's so surreal to have an extra stocking up this year! 

I'm so thankful for my little family and especially my little turkey this year! Only 17 days until her expected arrival! So much to be thankful for this year! 

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

It is finished!! (The Nursery Reveal)

I was beginning to wonder if I'd have the nursery done before the baby was born, and I can finally say I do!! Granted, there are a couple small things we need to do (like hook up the baby monitor)  but since she won't be sleeping in there for a little while anyway, that's not SUPER urgent.

Designing this nursery was so much fun for me. I'm the girl who dreamed more about decorating a nursery some day more than planning a fairy tale wedding when I was younger. Is that weird? (maybe this is why)

Anyway, I knew I wanted something that she could grow into for years to come, so nothing too "baby" or "infant" themed.  Of course, she will be a baby for a little while so I added in some cute whimsical baby things that I love. I'm not a huge fan of matchy-matchy stuff, so I decorated it pretty much like I do everything else -- I pick things I like and hope they go together. I usually find one thing I love and then revolve the room around it. For this room it was the wallpaper. I've had it picked out for my daughter's room long before I was pregnant. I also have one picked out for my future son ;) I'm so so happy with how it came out and I'm so excited to share! 


I was originally going to put the "something tells me I am going to love her forever" sign above her bed, the bunny, lamb, & elephant prints over the rocker (I have 8 of them total), and a bigger gallery wall over the changing table. But then my mom came over to help me hang everything and completely changed the vision. Ha! She convinced me it was all too much... the sign mixed with the wallpaper was too busy and there was too much going on with the gallery wall. After much contemplation, I decided she was right (as moms usually are) so we changed it up... and I'm glad we did. Sometimes I think less is more. 

My favorite thing in the room might be the rocking chair! I knew I wanted an upholstered chair as opposed to a wooden glider, but I was surprised at how hard it was to find a good one that wasn't outrageously expensive! Either they cost over $1000, they weren't comfortable, or they were ugly. The decent looking affordable ones didn't have backs that were high enough to rest your head on (which I feel is important for middle of the night feedings!) I was about to give up when I randomly decided to search on Craigslist (I hardly ever buy stuff on there!) and found this one!! It's a Pottery Barn slip-covered chair that retails for over $1500... the lady was asking $750, but it had been on there for a month by the time I found it so I offered her $500 (since even some of the wooden gliders or ugly upholstered chairs cost that much anyway!) She accepted -- but also ended up throwing in a swing, activity mat, and bouncy seat for us for free! And they even delivered it to our house and her husband helped Josh carry it upstairs! Plus it matches perfectly! I was so proud of myself for that deal!! haha

My other favorite thing is the little blue piggy bank which used to be my Daddy's.... I had always envisioned passing it onto a son, but I love how it ties in with the little bit of blue in the wallpaper and it's so much more meaningful than any other piggy bank I could possibly buy her.

Over all, I just love how the room came out. Sometimes I just sit up there and soak it all in. In a few short weeks the sweet baby girl we've spent the past 9 months preparing for will officially be here and sometimes I still can't believe it. I just can't wait to meet her! I hope she likes her room, but more than a beautiful room-- I hope we can give her a home that is filled with love, laughter, security, and happiness. A place she will always know she's loved no matter what.

Source List (I think I got it all, but let me know if I missed something you're curious about):

  • • wallpaper: Watercolor Peonies from Anthropologie
  • • paint color: Misted Mint by Sherwin Williams HGTV
  • • nursery furniture: Sorelle Vista Elite collection from Babies R Us
  • • night stand: IKEA
  • • rocking chair: Pottery Barn from Craigslist (same one here)
  • • "Something tells me" sign: House of Belonging
  • • customized bunny, lamb, & elephant prints: Sweet Melody Designs
  • • gold dotted picture frames: Hobby Lobby
  • • "Hush Little Baby" print: Etsy
  • • alphabet framed print: Hobby Lobby
  • • mirrors above dresser & crib: Hobby Lobby
  • • Jeremiah 1:7 sign: Hobby Lobby
  • • curtains:
  • • gold dotted lamp & pillow: Hobby Lobby
  • • white lamp with pink shade: Target

On becoming a mother.

Well, it's become inevitable - we're having a baby. Very soon. We officially have less than a month until we become parents. I’m at that point of pregnancy where it technically could happen anytime, so my mind is pretty consumed with it all. I’m uncomfortable most of the time, having somewhat regular contractions, and large enough to never forget there is a fully formed human inside my torso (SO weird). My emotions are all over the place which is saying a lot because I’ve been fairly level headed up until now.

I’m so excited, so nervous, so overwhelmed with what is about to happen in our lives. One minute I'm all GETOUTGETOUTGETOUT and the next I'm like, maybe she should just stay in there forever. Except that sounds terrible too.

But we are ready! I think. I mean, we're ready as far as we have everything we need.  Getting the baby out is another story. The entire process still freaks me out. The epidural freaks me out. I'd really like to avoid the epidural if possible.. but then again, I have no idea how labor is going to feel (other than apparently the worst thing ever!?) so will I end up wanting or getting it? Who knows. I keep telling myself that my body was designed to do this, and women do it all the time without medicine. I don't even want to do it natural to be all like, "Look at me! I did it! I am woman, hear me roar!" I would just really like to avoid the epidural and all of its side effects. We've contemplated hiring a doula for support, but we're a little late to the game with that so I'm not sure we will. We shall see. My plan is to just do as much as I can on my own, but be open to whatever has to happen to get her here safely. That's really all that matters.

I can't wait for the moment that we get to meet her for the first time. I cry when I think about it. I can't believe I am going to have a daughter. I can already taste the mix of emotions I'm going to have within the next few weeks. Our due date is December 13th, which leaves us 3 weeks give or take.  Every day I am acutely aware that these are the last few weeks of just us. It's not that I don't think things will be better (I am fairly certain that I can't even comprehend how much we are going to love this little girl!), it's just that I'm also aware that things will never be like this again. There will be three! Which I am ready for. While also not. Ha!

But, things in the house are ready. She has a place to sleep (or five), adorable little clothes to keep her warm, and two people who are kind of beside themselves to meet her! I'm in a glass case of emotion about it all. We're here when you're ready, little miss.

Speaking of places to sleep... 

The nursery is essentially done. I just have a couple things left to hang up and then I'll share the whole thing :) I just love it so much! 

Maternity Pictures + 34 week Bumpdate

We had our maternity photos taken a couple weeks ago by my super talented friend Anna! I love them! It's still a little weird to see myself like this... you'd think I'd be used to it by now! ha! 


How far along? I was 32 weeks when we took them, now 34 weeks and 4 days!

Gender: Girl!!

Total weight gain: I think right around 30 pounds... hoping for not much more! ha

Maternity clothes?  Oh yes, live in them!

Stretch marks? Still none!

Sleep?: Sleep is getting a little more elusive... last night I couldn't get comfortable because I couldn't breathe! I eventually fell asleep with my pillows propped up to where I was nearly sitting up. It was awful! 

Miss anything?: I still miss being able to sleep on my stomach. That's probably the main thing.

Movement?: Yep! She moves around ALL the time! It's now more like rolling movements instead of sharp jabs, I think because room is getting tight in there!

Food cravings: Still nothing really. In fact, for the past few days I have barely been hungry at all, which is REALLY weird for me. Even before I was pregnant I would typically be starving every 2-3 hours. The past few days I've eaten breakfast and then not been hungry until dinner time. It's SO weird... and hopefully normal?

Anything making you queasy or sick?: Nope

Labor signs: I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions for several weeks now, but most of the time they are irregular. One day I had them pretty consistently every 15ish minutes for most of the day, but luckily it was nothing! Hoping she stays put for at least 3-4 more weeks! (Although it is TOTALLY crazy to think we could HAVE A BABY in 3-4 weeks!! OMG!)

Symptoms: Still having back pain and sensitivity below my ribs on the right side. Not nearly as bad as it was several weeks ago though, but still awful sometimes!

Belly button in or out?: Still in. Super stretched out though! Josh does a wonderful impression of it ;)

Wedding rings off or on?: Still on!

Happy or moody?: I've been a little more emotional lately, but still pretty happy over all! I wouldn't say moody.

Best moment this month: Finally got all of her furniture upstairs and her closet designed, so I've been having fun doing baby laundry (the only kind of laundry I like to do!) and organizing her room. Hopefully we'll get the finishing touches put on it and I can share it soon!

Looking forward to:  Finishing her room and HAVING A BABY!!! 

Happy Halloween!

We didn't have our annual Halloween party this year, but we still made sure to dress up... I wanted to do something fun because who knows if I'll ever be [this] pregnant on Halloween again?!

I'm a big fan of couples costumes, and I wanted to do something that had to do with being preggo. 

A few people suggested being the Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball, but then what would Josh be? Plus, Miley gets on my nerves. Of course there's always the creepy baby poking through the belly costume or the bun in the oven and the chef, but those are over done. Other contenders were a pregnant nun (with Josh being the priest), or a white trash/people of Wal-Mart/hillbilly pregnant couple but I kind of thought all of those were a bit offensive.

So I came up with being a pregnant house wife and Josh was the milk man! Still a little risque, but more on the funny side. Plus I was able to mostly throw our costumes together with stuff we already had. (The only things I had to purchase were Josh's hat and milk bottles.)

Our neighborhood sent out fliers about trick or treating this year, so we actually had some trick or treaters! We have a ton of kids in our neighborhood, but for some reason we rarely/never have any trick or treaters. The past few years I haven't even bought any candy. But this year we set up our pop-up tent in our neighbors' drive way, decorated it, blasted some Halloween tunes and passed out candy and glow sticks to all the kiddos! We were all joking that we had more trick or treaters last night than we have in the past several years combined! It only lasted about an hour and still wasn't anything compared to how the streets were when I was little, but we still had a great time! 

I can't wait to take our little peanut trick or treating next year on her first Halloween!! (and then eat all of her candy ;))