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Friday Favorites

Phew! What a week. It's flown by! Somehow it's already Friday. A lot going on around here and my house is an absolute MESS. Our bedroom is still half strewn around the house, I have piles of laundry everywhere (mostly because our closet also got new carpet so we had to empty it half way out, too... but also because I'm trying to decide if I want to keep my top loaders or trade them in for front loaders, AND I'm packing for our trip!), and to top it off Lucy is teething so I haven't had as much time to clean as normal. We've got company coming this weekend so I better get on it! Just my brother & sister in law, so I know they don't care, but still!

Anyway, on to some favorites from this week!

1. Target runs with my girl! 

We go so often that she just makes herself at home. Haha! Feet up, straight chillin' through Target. That's my girl!

2. Lucy's new toys! 

Lucy is pulling up on EVERYTHING and trying to walk, so we got her a couple toys that she is loving! One is the V-Tech Sit to Stand Walker and the other is a Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Table. Several of my friends said their babies (who are 1+ year old) still play with these! Highly recommend these for babies pulling up and learning to walk! :)

Also, her little "focus tongue" and curled toes! *heart eyes!*

3. Okay, so about the washer & dryer.

Okay. I love these. I really really do, for all the reasons I wrote about last week. BUT It is SO HARD for me to get the laundry out of the washer. This was one of my fears with a top loader but we tried to make sure it would work at the store, but for some reason it is just different at our house or something. I guess I didn't try reaching ALL the way to the back at the store, I don't know. I LOVE the little sink though and am still scared about the mold issue with front loaders, but I just don't know if I can handle this for the next 5+ years?! If you've gotten front loaders in the past few years.. is mold still an issue?! 

Ready for the weekend.. which is no less busy than this week has been, but at least Daddy will be home?!

What are you up to this weekend??


Some moments from lately.

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.
— Annie Dillard

These are the days, you guys. One day we will look back and realize that these little moments... they're really the big moments. :)


Master Bedroom - "Reveal" and HELP PLEASE!

A couple months ago when my mom moved out, we gave her our queen size Casper mattress and upgraded to a king. Well, when we switched the beds, we realized how utterly terrible our carpet was. The carpet underneath the bed was fluffy and cream colored and the rest of the carpet was super flat and gray colored. I'm almost not exaggerating. It was stained from having puppies & foster dogs, terribly worn down (kind of like walking on concrete. not joking.), and well, it was almost 8 years old. And also probably not the best quality to begin with. It was time for new.

I don't know WHY we didn't think about it at the time of the switch because we could have saved ourselves the trouble of having to move our entire bedroom out into the living room/dining room/foyer.. but we didn't, so we had to do it now.

Slumber party in the living room! 

Lucy thought the vacuum was the coolest thing! Just wait til you can walk, baby girl.. you can help Mommy vacuum! ;)

But this mess was worth it!!! 

You guys. This carpet is AMAZING. I mean, it could just be that it's so much better than what we had so it just seems amazing, but whatever. We ended up going with one of their highest quality carpets because we saw what happened with lower quality, and oh my goooosshhhh....! I think I could sleep on just the floor, that's how soft and plush it is. 

ANYWAY. Enough about the carpet (which I LOVE! if you didn't catch that!)

So, here's where I need some help. Since my mom took our queen size bed, she also took all of our bedding and our decor. Here's our old stuff (the best pictures I can find of it on my new computer, anyway)...

She got the bed, bedding, quilt, and curtains. I had originally thought about keeping the curtains and just getting the same quilt in king size, but even though I loved our old room I was ready for something new!

I originally tried the Georgina Duvet from Anthropologie in sky. And I wanted to love it, I really did. But I just didn't. I don't think I'm a duvet person. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but the actual duvet always sunk down in the cover, and it was all just too heavy and hot and I hated it. Plus it didn't go with the wall color like I thought it would, so it was either paint the entire room & tray ceiling or try something different.

To be honest, I was all for painting the room (and probably would have if we didn't have the tray ceiling) but Josh really didn't want to and since he's the one who would be doing most of the work, and I really wasn't loving the duvet anyway, I decided to just try something else.

So I ended up just getting the same quilt we had before (Rivulets quilt from Anthro) but in cream. I knew I loved the quilt and I found some curtains I love that really tie in all the colors - the tan walls, rust color on the tray ceiling, the cream colored quilt, and the light blue I originally liked. Viola! No paint needed. 

BUT I can NOT figure out what to do for wall decor!

I feel like the "darling I love you" signs don't really go with our new bed so I'm planning to take them down, but I don't know what to put up there. I don't want to get rid of the collage of our wedding photos (although I know I need to scoot it over a bit now since our new bed is wider than our old one) and don't really have anywhere else in our room to hang it. Do I need something above the bed? I kind of feel like I do since the ceilings are taller... but maybe not? Soooo... any ideas!? 

Also, sorry I didn't really make our bed... fun fact: early on when Josh and I were dating, he told me he hated when the sheets were tucked in at the bottom of the mattress. I knew right then and there he was the one. Okay, I'm half kidding. But seriously.