hello, goodbye?


ever since i had lucy, i've struggled with making our lives so public. for the most part, it's been great. i love sharing bits and pieces of our lives, it's been a great creative outlet for me, a way for me to actually do something with the thousands of pictures i take that may otherwise just live for eternity on my hard drive never to see the light of day... and while i started blogging 8 years ago to keep in touch with friends and family out of town, it has grown into so much more. i've had the opportunity to work with several amazing companies, turn it into somewhat of a part-time business for myself, connect with an awesome community of other momma's and women, and even form a few real life friendships... none of which would have been possible without this blog. but none of that is worth it at the expense of lucy's safety and well being.  while i'm sure 99 out of 100 people following us are harmless, i now feel the need to protect her from the 1 out of 100 that isn't. as much as i love blogging, any other decision seems selfish. the internet is forever and i just no longer feel the need to share so much of our lives with the public. 

a couple weeks ago i decided to take an instagram break and make my blog private indefinitely. i'd been toying with the idea for awhile, but finally i just did it and figured i'd sleep on it a few days and figure out what i wanted to do for the long run... but as soon as i did it, i felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. i knew right then that i had made the right decision. and you know what's happened since then? i've felt more free. which is weird to say because i honestly never even felt like blogging or instagram was tying me down in any way. but maybe i just didn't realize it was? now without the pressure of having to post daily, take perfect photos, get sponsored posts/content up, make sure our outfits were up to par with the rest of the instagram community.... i've been able to just live. i've been able to enjoy my days with lucy, which i cherish because i know this time is fleeting. maybe other mommy bloggers handle all of this better than me, which is great... but at the moment i just can't reason myself to do it anymore. 

i still love blogging and i still love the instagram community, and i don't plan to be gone completely.. however, my presence on these outlets will be vastly different. i'm still not entirely sure what this will look like exactly, but i suppose i'll figure that out as i go. in the meantime, i'm going to focus on being more present with my family, focusing on my photography business, and finding ways to give back. God bless you all :)