Talk Derby to me!

We've been talking about it for 10 years and we finally did it! Kristen and I went to the Derby! 

The weather was perfect (it usually rains!) so we were fine with the in field. One day I will go with real tickets. But once we decided to do it, the cheapest tickets left were $3500 per person. Ummm.... no. 

Not sure I'd do the infield again, but we had a great time! Lots of selfies were involved.


Overall, I thought the race before the Derby was actually more exciting but that could be because I didn't bet on any horses. There was an older couple sitting behind us who kept betting on the horses that lost. For that race they bet on horse #8 who was DEAD LAST for the entire race. Like I'm talking he wasn't even pictured on the big screen because he was so far behind. Then all of a sudden on the last stretch he came out of nowhere and WON the entire race!! It was so exciting!!!

So that was the only reason race 10 was more exciting than race 11. I'm sure race 11 (Derby) would have been just as exciting had we bet on the winning horse. Go American Pharaoh!

Well.. until we can afford seats on Millionaire's Row our little infield experience will have to do. 

13.1 miles means I can eat all the ice cream cake I want!

I ran the Derby Festival 1/2 Marathon for the 3rd time this morning.

Over all, it was pretty terrible. It was raining for most of the time and by the end I was just over it.

However, I took it as a free pass to eat ice cream cake that evening for Josh and Lynda's birthdays!! 

They had some help blowing out their candles ;)

Life Lately

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend! 

Mine started off with my best friend's birthday!!! 

Kristen came in town and on Friday we went shopping, then out to dinner.  (Then out for ice cream!) 

The Comfy Cow was totally worth it! 

Then Saturday morning I woke up at the butt crack of dawn and ran the Papa John's 10 Miler with my friend Erin.

I haven't run it since I ran it the first time 5 years ago! I can't believe that was already 5 years ago! 

Then on Sunday we went over to Josh's sister Amy's house for Easter lunch. 


As usual, I was in charge of the deviled eggs. I tried to do a Pinterest version of those little chicks hatching... 

haha! They were actually pretty cute until I put them in the holder! The little egg slots are slanted for regular deviled eggs, so they made the eggs fall over. 

I thought my little Easter entry way table turned out pretty cute. :)

Other than all that we've pretty much just been loving on that tiny puppy! How cute is he?!

Tiny Puppy & Baby Nephew!

Any weekend that I get to see my adorable nephew is a good one! Then add in getting to see BOTH of my brothers AND acquire a tiny puppy.... what a weekend! 

This little dude totally makes my day! I love how I held him up for a picture and he put his arm around my face. Seriously, heart melted. 

Adam & Jenn brought him down for his 9 month pictures. I seriously can't believe he's already 9 months old!!! I'll probably be saying that until he's 50.

This was the first photo I got when I was just testing out my lighting. LOVE HIM. 

We also rescued a teeny tiny puppy (who I'm just calling Tiny Puppy right now!) for the Boston Terrier rescue we foster for. He was being sold on Craigslist for cheap in Indianapolis, so Stephanie and I agreed to go up there and get him and I made my brother go, too! We didn't want to be murdered! 

The dude was nice enough - and of course we met at a public place (Starbucks, holla!) - but was a little sketchy. His story about the puppies changed a few times and he had a neck tattoo that said, "100% insane." So there's that.

Tiny Puppy is soooo adorable though! I don't know how I'm going to give him up!

The guy told us he was 8 weeks, but I'm estimating more like 6. Either way, we'll have him for about 4-6 more weeks... wish us luck on letting this one go!

The day I met baby penguins (again!)

On Friday, my sister-wife Stephanie, her sister Courtney and I went up to Cincinnati to see the penguins!!! Josh took me as a surprise about 5 years ago for our first Valentine's Day but I can safely say it's just as cool the 2nd time! Maybe even more so this time because there was only one other family in with us so we got a lot of time with the penguins! 

We spent the afternoon at the aquarium, complete with cheesy over-priced souvenir photos.

We ended the night at The Funnybone with a show by none other than Mr. Michael Malone! We first saw Michael accidentally a few years ago when we had purchased comedy club tickets for a fundraiser for a dog rescue. The venue who sold the tickets closed unexpectedly a couple days before the show -- leaving everyone who had purchased tickets with tickets that were no good. So another venue decided to honor the tickets, and Michael was the headliner that night! Turns out, he also has a Boston Terrier and we connected on social media and have kept in touch since. We've seen him several times since then and not only is he hilarious, he's also a really nice guy! If he's ever in your area I definitely recommend going to see him! I always laugh the entire time!

Penguins, the aquarium, Tom + Chee grilled cheese, and laughs. All in all, a GREAT way to spend a Friday. Every Friday should be so good.