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Home or bust!

Last night Lucy and I got home around 1am from a long day of flying home from South Carolina! Last weekend we took off on her first big road trip - to Myrtle Beach for girls' trip with Cousin! It's a 10 hour drive (without a baby... so 12ish hours with a baby?) but we implemented some of your tips for a long car ride and it went fairly well! Not perfect, there were some rough patches, but overall I'd say not terrible. Haha! 

The week itself was somewhat stressful though... long story short, I have a new appreciation for single parents ;) Ha! No, we had fun.. but it was a big week for my girl. She cut her first tooth (possibly 2, but she won't let me look!) AND learned to crawl! And then we ended up flying home yesterday instead of driving back with the family.. which was an adventure in itself!

My sweet girl is SUCH a good little traveler though!! And she does much better on planes than in the car (which is why we flew home, ha!) She is now 8 for 8 on not crying on planes! She just takes it all in! 

I'll be back to elaborate on the craziness and share more about our week at the beach soon! 


P.S. My Friday Favorite this week? BEING HOME! 

Actually, I'd have to say... after a long and potentially crazy day of traveling solo with a baby, the kindness of complete strangers made ALL the difference! I can't even count how many genuinely nice and encouraging people we encountered yesterday - from people sitting next to us on planes that reassured me when we sat down that they had babies at home so not to worry if Lucy got cranky (they were all dads too, which was refreshing to see... dads so proud of and gushing about their babies), to people interacting and playing with her, talking to us during layovers and flights, telling me how good she was when we landed, offering to help carry things off the plane, to even just nice and helpful staff at the airport - that went out of their way to help us or just to be nice. That is my favorite thing this week... it restored my faith in humanity a bit. :)

What are you loving this week?!

Friday Favorites

It's Friday!! Lucy and I are soaking up every last bit of summer while our friends are still out of school! Yes, it's the middle of July, but most of them go back NEXT WEEK (or the next) which is crazy to me! Do you guys do the "year round" school, too? I kind of get it, but I just kind of hate it at the same time. 

Anyway. Here are a few things I am loving this week! 

1. Le Lait nursing tee

How cute is this shirt?! Le Lait means the milk in French! Not only is this shirt cute, it is so soft & comfy, and of course nursing friendly! There's a built in tank top underneath. The sleeves can be left as is or are also super cute rolled up. Definitely going to be a staple in my wardrobe this summer & fall! 

As a side note... this tongue is out 24/7 and is kind of the cutest thing ever. 

2. Happy Mama brand. 

I randomly stumbled upon these at Target the other day... they were out of my normal brand of pre-natal vitamins, so I found this brand... and discovered they also have a whole line of snacks for pregnant & nursing mama's.. AND they are actually tasty!! I was pleasantly surprised! Definitely buying more!

3. Lilliebaby carrier

We have finally invested in a non-wrap carrier for our upcoming trip and I kind of love it. I LOVE the wrap carriers, too, but the Lilliebaby is super secure and feels great! Not to mention has 6 carrying positions! I can't wait to try the front facing out... I think Lucy will love it!

Looking forward to this weekend! Tomorrow we are going (indoor) rock climbing and Sunday Lucy and I are leaving for the beach!! It's time for our "annual" (even though we missed the past 2 years! small detail) girls trip with Cousin!!!! WOOHOO! This time we are driving, so if you have any tips for 10+ hours in the car with a baby, PLEASE share them!! We could definitely use them! :)

What are you loving this week and looking forward to this weekend?! 


Summer Family Photos

Even though I am a bit obsessed with pictures, I still typically only have professional family photos done once a year - usually in the fall to use on our Christmas card. But this year since we have Lucy, I wanted to document this time with her as well! We've never had family pictures done in the summer (and of course by family photos I mean me and Josh with the dogs - until now! haha!) so I thought it would be a fun change of scenery, plus she's so different right now at 7 months than I imagine she will be this fall at almost a year! 

So, we had a little photo session done last week, the day before I turned 30! Here are a few of my favorites! 

my shirt | Lucy's dress | Josh's pants 

I know next summer we will look back at these and think, "Look how little she was!!" but right now all I can think about is how BIG my baby has gotten!! We are a bit obsessed with her and so grateful to have these photos to document this first summer with our Lucy girl! ;)