Aidan's 1st Birthday!

I'm not sure how it happened so quickly.. but my nephew is ONE!

I feel like he was just born yesterday! 

His birthday party was a blast!

Of course he had to smash the cake!!!

Happy Birthday, buddy!!! Aunt Lynn loves you so much! <3

Laundry Room Makeover (Part 2) AKA Nesting!

Ever since I found out I was pregnant I've been on overdrive trying to get a million house projects done! Suddenly everything I've been putting off seems super urgent! First up though... I painted the laundry room!

You may remember part 1 of the laundry room makeover where we took out some useless junk-collecting shelves and put in a mudroom area.

Here's a before picture of the laundry section: 

Granted, it wasn't always quite this messy... but I forgot to take a real before picture and somehow this was all I could find.

And here's after: 

I bought that rug about a year and a half ago to use in here after I painted.... nothing like getting things done in a timely manner ;)

I love it so much!! Still has some finishing touches to complete... including a built in bulletin board on the other wall (not pictured) and some things to hang on the wall, but still a huge improvement!

I obviously can't get much done for the baby until we know what we're having, so in the meantime we're working on a bunch of other stuff... stay tuned! :)

Baby A Bumpdate

Now that it's out in the open, I can post bumpdates! I've been taking a weekly "belly" photo since I found I was pregnant (AKA when the belly was mostly bloat and gas and ice cream and not actual baby... actually I think that's been most of them up until this week!)

I'm going to catch you all up on this pregnancy... mostly for myself to have to look back on (because I've been terrible at keeping a pregnancy journal) but also for some who have had questions or just want to know :)

I found out I was pregnant on April 5, which was Easter Sunday. Exactly 5 years to the day after Josh first told me he loved me... coincidence? I think not. I truly believe God cares about all the details of our lives, even the very small ones. We got married 5 years to the day after our first date, and found out we're expecting 5 years after he told me he loves me.... what better expression of love is there?! 

And then add to that that our baby is due in December. Truth be told, I wouldn't pick December if I could hand pick my baby's birthday. But God did. And the first thing my friend Kristen said when I told her? "God is so good! Now you will have something happy around Christmas time."

And she is so right. I hadn't even thought about it like that. The holidays have been tough since my dad passed away 5 days after Christmas 15 years ago this year.... but now I will look forward to the holidays with excitement rather than dread. I think it's safe to say this will be the best Christmas I've had in 15 years! 

*cue pregnant hormonal cry*

Anyway, so I found out I was pregnant on Easter Sunday. I called the doctor the next day to schedule my first OB appointment.... little did I know, you have to wait a whole MONTH for that?!?!? WHAT?! I thought everyone found out they were pregnant and then went immediately to the doctor for an ultrasound. Apparently you usually don't get an ultrasound at the first appointment either, but I got lucky there!

Anyway, they don't have you come in until you're around 10 weeks (at least at my dr), unless you're high risk. Those few weeks went by so SLOWLY. I told Stephanie that month went by slower than the entire 3 months she lived with us! It really felt like it!

Finally it was doctor appointment day! I was pretty sure I was pregnant (I'd taken like 8 pregnancy tests that all came back positive) but you just never know.  We had our first appointment and then went to schedule the ultrasound for later the following week.... but they had a cancellation for that day so I said YES PLEASE!

You guys. Seeing that ultrasound was the most amazing moment of my life so far. I was sad that Josh missed it (he went to the doctor appointment with me, but since we didn't know they were going to do an ultrasound that day he had already headed back to work! I wish I had known because I would have had him just come for that part since the rest was pretty lame!) but seeing my baby was incredible. I saw it wiggling around... and it was confirmed, there really IS a baby in there!

The baby measured small (8.5 weeks instead of 10 that day) and at my 2nd OB appt the doctor decided to go with the later measurement (which all makes total sense to me and I think is the most accurate, but that's another story) so our official due date is 12/13! (too bad it wasn't last year because how cool would 12/13/14 be for a birthday?! )

So here are my weekly updates until now.... 


South Haven

We spent the past week in South Haven with my family and it was the perfect little getaway!

It was actually the first time we have all gone on a trip together and I hope we make it a yearly thing!! 

We chose South Haven, MI because we wanted a beach location but Aidan hates his carseat so Adam & Jenn weren't sure how he would do on a 12 hour car ride to the Gulf Coast. South Haven is only about 4 hours from them (and 5 from me and Josh and only 3 from Eric and Jamie.. lucky ducks!) so Adam suggested we go there. I was pretty excited because I'd never been to Lake Michigan, but I'd been to most of the gulf beaches like Destin, Panama City, Gulf Shores, etc.

We rented a cute little house right down the street from the beach. The house was perfect for us with even a room to spare! 

We went to the beach.. which was a bit chilly on the first day! I was a little worried that it was going to be miserable all week, but after the first day it was perfect! 

The rest of the week it was warm but not hot so we were actually able to sit on the beach and enjoy it! 

What a fun, relaxing week! Where to next year?!

Telling my family...

What a moment I will never forget!!! Thank you SO much to my friend and amazing photographer Anna for capturing this! We will cherish these photos forever!

 So how did we do it? I told my brothers I wanted to get together for a family picture. We've never actually had professional family pictures done except for at our weddings... how crazy is that?! So they all came to town and thought it was just a regular photo shoot... which is how it started out. ;) 

(my mom already knew though!)

Then Anna got us all together for a group shot. At first she said, "Say 'cheese!'" (which is totally cheesy and she's a professional and would never actually say that...)

I love this picture!

Then she said, "Say, 'Lynn's pregnant!" and captured everyone's reactions...

It took them a second. Jenn was the first one to get it... of course!

My favorite reaction was Adam, who said he was thinking Well, that's weird! I'm not saying that. Why would I say that? Is Lynn okay with that?! 

Haha! And then it hit them... it was real! 

Do you know how emotional it gets when you're pregnant and you make your big brother cry?! Gosh!

And then this happened...

Melt my heart. It was like he knew. So sweet! <3 Aidan is going to be a great big cousin!

Adam and Jenn told me he needed a cousin before a sibling... well, the cousin's on the way, time to work on the sibling! ;)

Thank you all for all the love! We can't wait to meet Baby A!

(the cutest little alien baby I've ever seen!!!!)