Gatlinburg! part 1

Hope you all had a great Christmas!

We spent the past few days in Gatlinburg to celebrate our first Christmas as MARRIED people!

We took Kosmo and Lola with us -- their first vacation ever! 

They did pretty good in the car. They usually like to ride in the front seat - both of them on my lap - but I tried to keep them in the back since it was such a long drive. This worked at first but then it ended up more like this:

Or this...

Anyway, the drive was pretty good <--- says the person who did 0 driving. But really, it was. I was so excited about taking Kosmo and Lola on their first trip! And just like I hoped, they loved it.

We stayed in the cutest little cabin right between Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.

It was a pretty perfect location. 

And it was a pretty perfect cabin for us - especially Lola! - because there were bears everywhere!

Josh made us a fire in the fire pit on the first night while Kosmo & Lola explored the back yard.

We went to see Terry Evanswood's magic show that night, which I highly recommend!


Fun fact of the day: Josh was a part of the magic show we saw in Hawaii, and I was part of this one!

Day 2, coming soon!