Gatlinburg! part 2

On day 2 we went hiking. What else do you do in the Smoky Mountains?


We started off the morning with a hike with the pups after breakfast at the Pancake Pantry (a must if you visit Gatlinburg!)

After the pups had their hike, we went on our own hike up the Chimney Tops trail. 

So yeah, the hike was literally straight up a mountain. I was panting like a dog the whole way up.

We finally made it to "the top" but in order to reach the actual top you had to climb up these rocks. ^^

I think I could have climbed up, but getting down would be the hard part. Well, the easy part -- with gravity and all -- but there were no rails or anything, so you pretty much had to scoot down on your butt. 

So this was about as far up as I was willing to go. Still a great view! :)

Coming down the mountain was almost harder than going up. But we stopped along the way and had a little fun with some slow shutter speeds. Love that effect! 

All in all, it took us about 4 hours to hike 4 miles... but it was worth it!

Day 3 next!