Sister Wife!

My friend from college, Stephanie, is living with us for the next 3ish months!

Long story... well, actually it's not. She is a traveling nurse and works in each place she goes for about 3 months. She posted on Facebook on Friday that her next job was in Louisville, starting that Monday, and she was having a hard time finding a place to live. She has to have a furnished place since she moves all over the country so frequently. For some reason furnished apartments are hard to come by and landlords don't like 3 month leases. Who would have thought?!

So I said she could stay with us until she found something. Then Josh and I talked about it and decided she could rent our guest room! Works out perfect because now our upstairs is actually getting some use, she has her own bedroom and bathroom, we're a lot (LOT) cheaper than other places (even the local motels), and duh she gets to live with us so that's actually pretty priceless! ;) Plus she's working three 12 hour night shifts, so she can be home with the dogs during the day which they are loving!

I have to say, I can totally see where having a Sister Wife would come in handy. It's been nice having someone to help make & clean up dinner, take care of the dogs, and do other little chores around the house. Of course, these are also things that my husband can do (and does!), but having an extra set of hands has been nice! And now I have someone else to drag on useless trips to Target with me instead of my poor dear husband.

Welcome to the crazy house, Stephanie! Hope we don't drive you too insane! :)