Segway-ing in St. Lucia

Josh is always content to just sit on the beach or at the pool when we go on beach vacations... but after a few days of that I like to actually get out and do something! So I finally convinced him to let us go on an excursion... he gave me a budget and let me pick something out. So I went to the activities desk to see what they had to offer, and since we had already done a bunch of stuff (zip lining, scuba diving, swimming with dolphins, etc) in other places I decided to go with the segway tour because someone had recommended it and because we had never done that before!

We mostly spent the tour making out on segways because we were honeymooners and isn't that what you do?

Just kidding, they made us pose like that.

Overall, we had a blast! I think Josh even had more fun than I did! He said afterwards that he wanted to check in to how much segways cost. ($5000 on the cheap end, so I vetoed that idea, although they were really fun!)

And now we have Gliders Licenses, so if we ever do another segway tour we can skip the slow training phase! I forgot to tell them I just got married though, so my last name is wrong.... oh well! ;)