Introducing... Lucy Eileen

AKA tiny peanut! 

Lucy Eileen Adwell arrived right on time on her due date 12/13/15 at 3:07pm. She weighed 6lb 9.5oz and was 20 inches long (although at her first doctor appointment they said she was only 19 inches and that the hospital measurement isn't always accurate, which makes more sense to me since Josh and I are both pretty short. I was surprised we had such a long baby!)

My labor & delivery experience with her couldn't have been better and for that I am forever grateful. You may remember (since I only posted about it a million times) that I was so nervous about getting her out, but it really was so much better than I expected! I'm working on getting her entire birth story written up and will hopefully post it soon, but the short version of events is that I started having contractions Saturday night, we went to the hospital Sunday morning, and she was born Sunday afternoon. I credit Josh and our amazing nurse Kelly for the fact that I was able to do it naturally. 

My sweet girl is already 9 days old and they've been the best 9 days of my life.  Of course, life with a newborn is an adjustment but so far it really hasn't been anything too crazy. Usually if she's upset she either needs her diaper changed, her swaddle tightened, or food. Girlfriend eats like it's going out of style and for the first couple days I felt like I was a slave to my boobs. We're still learning but we've come a long way with breastfeeding. There were a few days early on where I was so emotional because I felt like I wasn't feeding her anything.. but then we went to the doctor for a weight check and she had gained 3.5oz in 2 days, which they said was absolutely amazing. Just like with her birth, I just have to relax and trust that my body knows what it's doing.

Josh and I take turns staying up with her at night (she likes to party all night and sleep all day!), so even though we're both getting less sleep at least we're getting 4-5 hour stretches at a time. I'm so thankful for him -- taking care of a newborn on my own would be a totally different story. I'm so happy that Lucy has a Daddy who genuinely wants to spend time with her and doesn't just do it out of obligation. In fact, I only changed 1 diaper in her first three days of life... he does almost everything except feed her but I'm pretty sure if his boobs produced milk I'd never get to hold her. 

We are totally smitten with our peanut and have already forgotten what life was like before she was here. Sometimes I just sit there and stare at her and wonder how I got so lucky. I can't believe she's mine. I am so thankful for her little life... nothing in my life has ever felt so right.

Thank you all for all the congratulations and well wishes. We are feeling truly blessed.