Happily Ever Adwell

Since it's Valentine's Day weekend and today is our 6 month wedding anniversary (half a year already?!) I thought it was finally time to re-cap our wedding day with our professional photos. Warning... it's long. But I'm trying not to include every picture. You're welcome ;)

Before the Ceremony

The day started off with, what else, Starbucks!

Some of my bridesmaids and I got ready at our house. My friend Sarah did our hair and my neighbor Angie did our make up. I had kicked Josh out the night before, but he snuck into the basement that morning and hung out down there with Eric. 

I loved the energy in our house that day! My cousin Alyssa & her husband Tucker, and my brother Eric (& his dog Pauly) all spent the night the night before. I just loved having everyone there! I said it before, but my favorite part of getting married (besides the actual getting married part) was that all of my favorite people were in the same place at the same time. That has literally never happened before! 

After we did hair and make up at the house...

...we headed to the venue to get dressed for pictures! 

My necklace was my favorite piece of jewelry that day. It's a necklace my mom gave me on my 18th birthday. She had it made out of the engagement ring my Dad had given her. 


I loved seeing photos of the stuff I missed that day.

Then we had our First Look.

Of course I cried.

I have this one framed in the dining room :)

After our First Look we did photos with the bridal party and waited until ceremony time!

Love all of these ladies!!! They're standing in a weird order but left to right is: Alyssa (my COUSIN! Couldn't get married without her!!), Josh's sister Amy, my friend & travel buddy Heather, my friend Sheri, my Maid of Honor my MOM!, my best friend from high school Kristen, Josh's sister Mandy, and my best friend from college Rindi.

And the guys.. also in a random order, my brothers Adam & Eric, the Best Man Pat (Sheri's husband), Josh's friends/ruck buddies Steve and Scott, our neighbor Brian, and Josh's friend Dustin.

Look how little Aidan was!!!! 


I love my family so so much! So happy to have them all standing beside me on my big day! 

And my new family!! So happy to marry into a family that I love like my own!

Then it was time for the Ceremony!

All day there had been a 0% chance of rain. Truth be told, I was a little bummed because I know rain on your wedding day apparently brings good luck. Well, God wanted to make sure we had lots of luck ;) As we were finishing up pictures, it started sprinkling... and then started coming down pretty steady. Lexi (the wedding coordinator) pulled me aside and basically said I had to make a decision to either proceed with the ceremony outside or move it inside. They showed me the weather dopplar and there was a giant cloud of green coming straight for us!

It had been my dream to get married outside. But I also felt bad for our guests. Everyone said it was up to me, it was my day and my choice. So much pressure! 

So Eric and I talked about it (he was also the officiant) and decided to go for it outside because we were keeping the ceremony short anyway. I just made him promise that if it started pouring that he'd just wrap it up right then because I didn't want to get drenched either!

Luckily, the rain let up just in time and everything went according to plan. 

Instead of traditional ceremony music and a DJ for the reception, we had Petar play live music for us! He was amazing!!! 

Since Josh's niece and nephew were in our wedding, I had to include little Aidan some how. So Jenn was an honorary bridesmaid and walked him down the aisle. Pretty sure he slept right through it, but oh well :)

Gage was the ring bearer (who clearly didn't actually have the rings lol) and Morgan was our little junior bridesmaid.

Avery was the cutest little flower girl. She took her job very seriously... she would drop petals and then pick them up and re-place them if she wasn't happy with where they were. I was so glad to get this on video since I obviously didn't see it that day. So cute!

Then my mom not only had Maid of Honor duties, she also had to fill in for my Daddy and walk me down the aisle. 


So blessed to have my brother officiate our wedding!!!

The sand ceremony was interesting because since it had rained earlier, the sand kind of stuck together and wouldn't come out of the jars at first! 

I really wanted to give Eric a high five at this point.

And just like that we were Mr. & Mrs.!

I had wanted to do a sparkler send off, but with the impending weather and such I decided to just go ahead and do a sparkler photo with our bridal party. It ended up being a lot easier to coordinate with just them than one with our entire guest list, so it worked out well. 

We spent a bit of time just us right after the ceremony and did a few photos. I wanted to do most of them before so we didn't keep everyone waiting, but the time alone right after was nice too. And I let everyone go ahead and eat before we came in because I'm nice like that. Plus my caterer was awesome and saved us some food!

Then it was Reception time!

We did our first dance to Lady Antebellum's When You Got a Good Thing.  Sung by Petar of course. He did amazing! Clearly the rain was not good for my hair.

Then we played our slideshow, during which I ugly cried. I was totally fine until my Aunt Kathy came up to me crying... and then I couldn't hold it in. Here it is if you want to spend 9 minutes watching me and Josh grow up and fall in love.

Our night was perfect, but I would have given anything to have my Daddy there.

Right after my little break down, Aidan gave me the best snuggles at just the perfect time. I love that little dude so much!! 

Then we had the Best Man and Maid of Honor speeches... except Kristen did the MOH speech because that was one role my sweet momma wasn't down with. In fact, this was her Facebook status a week before my wedding:

A week from today, I walk my daughter down the aisle. I can do that! I'd walk anywhere with her. I also am maid of honor, a role I didn't necessarily want but am so grateful for our friendship and she's so much more! More than I deserve! So I can do that! BUT...today she tells me I have to say a "speech",too!?!?! I don't know if I can do that! My "social butterfly" lives in the attic, my speaking in front of people lives with the canines, my writing skills are somewhere in a box in the basement, uhhhh.....can someone help me?

So, I let her off the hook :)

After that we cut the cakes! 

Sweets are my weakness so of course we had a ton of dessert. My mom has a friend who makes delicious cupcakes, so she got us 3 different kinds -- Reese's, Snickers and Red Velvet (Josh's dad's favorite!) Then I still wanted to do the whole "cake cutting" thing plus I had the most perfect cake toppers, so I had my amazing cake lady make us a tiny cake. It was just white on bottom and chocolate on top, but it was SO GOOD. And THEN, what really proved that my cake lady is the best, she made this groom's cake for Josh.

I surprised Josh with this GORUCK cake, and the details on it were incredible! 

So yes, we had 2 cakes and 3 different kinds of cupcakes! My kind of dessert!

Then we tossed the bouquet and garter.

After that we just hung out and danced, had fun with the photo booth (best investment ever!) and celebrated the day! 

Over all, the day was perfect and I couldn't have asked for anything more... except for my Daddy to be there. I like to think he was there anyway. 

Love and miss you, Dad. Especially this day. <3