Laundry Room Makeover (Part 2) AKA Nesting!

Ever since I found out I was pregnant I've been on overdrive trying to get a million house projects done! Suddenly everything I've been putting off seems super urgent! First up though... I painted the laundry room!

You may remember part 1 of the laundry room makeover where we took out some useless junk-collecting shelves and put in a mudroom area.

Here's a before picture of the laundry section: 

Granted, it wasn't always quite this messy... but I forgot to take a real before picture and somehow this was all I could find.

And here's after: 

I bought that rug about a year and a half ago to use in here after I painted.... nothing like getting things done in a timely manner ;)

I love it so much!! Still has some finishing touches to complete... including a built in bulletin board on the other wall (not pictured) and some things to hang on the wall, but still a huge improvement!

I obviously can't get much done for the baby until we know what we're having, so in the meantime we're working on a bunch of other stuff... stay tuned! :)