16 hours in the car while 6 months pregnant = no

My husband is currently off on a solo (road!) trip gallivanting in Colorado. 

I had planned to go with him up until about a week ago. On one hand, I wish I had still gone but my pregnant body thanked me for not going when he sent me this picture. What is that? Oh, besides a gorgeous view... it appears to be a giant staircase going straight up a mountain! 2,090ft. of elevation to be exact. Considering I get winded walking around the block and have to stop and catch my breath after going up the stairs in our house, I'm pretty sure I'd be waiting for him at the bottom if I was there. So he's probably glad I'm not.

He's there for GORUCK Ascent, which is a mountain climbing expedition event starting Thursday morning and lasting until sometime on Sunday. I love that when I met him, his hobbies were nice and safe like running and yoga... then he found GORUCK, which is slightly more extreme but ya know, not bad. And now that we're about to have a baby, his favorite hobby is MOUNTAIN CLIMBING & REPELLING off the side of them. Makes sense.

Anyway, unlike other GORUCK events he's done, I wouldn't be allowed to "shadow" this one (and even if I was, I probably wouldn't, being 6 months pregnant and all.) So my plan was to spend the first few days in Colorado with Josh (he wanted to go a few days early to acclimate to the elevation) and then go to Wyoming while he was actually at the event.  My cousin Brittany and her husband Tyler just moved to Wyoming from Japan and it's only about 2-3 hours from where we'd be in Colorado. So I was going to go stay with them... the problem was, they literally JUST moved there - as in, I'm not even sure if they're actually there yet. And once they get there, they won't have their house until the end of September... so it just wasn't the best time for them to have visitors! 

Plus, for some reason Josh was set on driving and not flying, and 16+ hours in the car each way didn't sound like the best time to me (I pretty much have to pee every 10 minutes these days!) even if he did stop at Mount Sunflower on the way! #jealous

So, I stayed home. My mom bribed me by saying she would help me start painting the nursery!

Josh and I picked up the furniture last weekend and have officially started the game of Musical Rooms with all the rooms upstairs. 

The old guest room is going to be the nursery, so the guest room is moving to the old "junk room" AKA the room that didn't really have a purpose. Then we're moving Josh's office to the basement and turning the old office into the playroom. Fun fun! 

I kind of think Lola thinks we're creating this room for her. She thinks she's the princess, after all. BTW, I got the best deal EVER on this glider! I'll share on the details once I share the finished room... which will hopefully be sooner than later. We've got pretty much all the big stuff purchased, so it's just a matter of getting it all done.

This little room is quickly becoming my favorite in the house!! <3