A crazy Italian Adventure!

Phew! I knew we had signed up for one last big adventure before the baby comes, but I had no idea just how crazy of an adventure it would be!

Josh and I returned from our babymoon to Italy on Saturday afternoon.... we were supposed to get in late Friday night, but in keeping with the theme of the entire trip, that didn't go as planned either! 

Yep, that's right - almost nothing went as planned! I've traveled enough to know that usually something doesn't go right... but I've been trying to wrack my brain and remember if I've ever gone on a trip where so much just didn't go the way it was supposed to. Ha! 

I'll start off by saying -- we still had fun! It's really all about perspective, right?! And -- I only cried three times total on the trip! So that's saying a lot, being 6 months pregnant, right?! ;)

Our planned itinerary was to fly into Venice and spend a couple nights there, then head to Vernazza (part of Cinque Terre) and spend most of our time there relaxing, then head to Rome for the final two days of our trip and fly home from there. When I planned the trip, I knew I'd be ginormously pregnant so unlike the other times I've been to Europe, I didn't want to be traveling to a new city every two days. 


If you followed along on Instagram, you've already heard about my luggage saga with British Airways! That kind of set the tone for the trip it seemed... and guess what?! We ended up having to travel to a new city nearly every 2 days! Our itinerary ended up being 2 nights in Venice, 2 nights in Vernazza, 1 night in La Spezia, 2 nights in Florence, and 2 nights in Rome. Not only did my luggage get lost (and I still don't have it!), we had to evacuate Vernazza due to a State of Emergency, we got stranded for hours on a high speed train, and I battled a head cold/allergies almost the whole time all while being 6 months pregnant! 

But I have to say -- baby girl was a trooper through the whole thing! ;)

I'll share all the crazy details soon! 

For now, I've never been so happy to be home and snuggle these furry faces!

The best part of coming home! :)

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