An Italian Babymoon: Part 3 (La Spezia & Florence)

After we hurriedly packed our bags and barely made it on a train from Vernazza, we arrived in La Spezia by mid-day. It was raining there too but the storms weren't as bad and the rain stopped by afternoon, so we went for a walk.

Baby girl turned 27 weeks old that day! :)

We spent most of the day trying to figure out where to go next...  we narrowed it down to Florence, Lucca, and Orvieto. Ultimately we decided on Florence because I had been before, but not for very long (just an afternoon) and loved it, and Josh had never been. I didn't know much about the other two cities, they were just recommended to us by some of our breakfast buddies in Vernazza... but they had never been there either, just wanted to check them out someday. So Florence seemed like an obvious choice.

So, the next morning we were off to Florence! Remember how I said I wanted this trip to be as little traveling & go-go-go as possible?


The last time I was in Florence I didn't get to see the Ponte Vecchio bridge, so it was cool to see it!

Then we made the hike up to the Piazzale Michaelangelo. The view was absolutely amazing, but my question is why is all of Italy up stairs?!?

Next up: Rome

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