The World's Largest Halloween Party!

On Friday evening we went to "The World's Largest Halloween Party" at our zoo... I have no idea if it really is the world's largest Halloween party, but we had fun nonetheless! 

As you can see, we dressed up as The Flintstone's! I'm a sucker for couples/family themed costumes and these won for this year! The runner up was Wizard of Oz.. I had found a Dorothy costume for Lucy, then Josh was going to be the scarecrow, I was going to be Glenda the good witch, and then I had even found lion & tin man costumes for the dogs... but I figured that was a bit over the top unless we were going to have our Halloween party this year. (I went back and forth on the party, but decided not to just because we have SO much other stuff going on right now!)

Anyway... the zoo! It was a perfect little party for us since we weren't having our own this year... I knew I still wanted to dress up (duh! it's Lucy's first Halloween!) and we don't get many (if any) trick-or-treaters at our house so I didn't even know if we'd dress up on Halloween or not! So I put our zoo pass to good use and we went on Friday since it was super warm and our costumes were a bit... summer-y! ;)

Lucy's first carousel ride!

she LOVES Sesame Street so of course we had to stop and see Elmo!

Since it was around sunset, most of the animals weren't out anymore but we did get to see the bongos. Lucy waved to them and I about died from the cuteness! She waves at everything now and it is just the sweetest thing!! 

We had a great time, even though it was a bit past Lucy's bedtime once we got home. She enjoyed seeing the few animals we did see, lots of other kids running around, and having Daddy carry her all around the zoo. We had our stroller but he just alwaaaays carries her! She's gonna be spoiled rotten! ;)


What are you guys being for Halloween?! Anything fun?? Do you like couples/family costumes are doing your own thing? 


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