Behind the scenes of the baby photo shoot!

Last week I did a little photo shoot with Lucy's cousins... they're all so much bigger than the first time we had them all together! Back then, we joked that they were sizes S, M, & L... and Lucy was the Large! haha! Now they are all about the same size... and I think Adalee (the tiny one) has now passed the other 2 up!! 

Did you know that getting a good photo of 3 babies is waaaayy harder than it sounds?! I can't even reason with them like, "If you just cooperate for ONE good picture then we can be done!" At least two of them aren't mobile yet (Lord help us when they are, there will be no photos ever!) but Lucy just has so many better things to do than sit still for my pictures!

However, their little photo shoot and all the crazy photos that resulted are kind of my favorite. They had me cracking up and I just love them!

Love these sweet babies and their mommas and our little girls day photo shoot! day they'll willingly look at the camera and smile, right?! 

Happy Thursday! xoxo