Double digits! Lucy at TEN months!!

We have hit double digits!!! Lucy turned TEN months old last Thursday and all of a sudden she just seems like such a big girl to me! I think it's those teeth that CAME OUT OF NOWHERE. I mean, they came out of her gums obviously, but seriously... one day she had none and it was like the next day she had 4!


We were a bit late for her 9 month check up (we went about a week before she turned 10 months) and she was 17lbs 6oz and 26 inches long then. She's wearing 6-9 months, 9 months, and 12 months clothes. Still in size 3 diapers!!


She has learned to wave and climb stairs this month. She waves at everything now, including animals and airplanes and it's kind of the cutest thing ever. And she got FOUR teeth, as I mentioned!! She still hadn't had any pop through when she turned 9 months, but about a week later the bottom two came through (FINALLY) and then about a week or so after that the top four started to pop through and the middle two actually came in! The other two will be through any day now. These teeth make her look like such a big girl now and I'm constantly wondering where my baby went?!


We had a few (really) rough nights when she was teething - nights where I was up every 3 hours FOR 2-3 hours with her, mostly just because she was so uncomfortable and just wanted to be held. Poor girl! It was pitiful. But now that those teefers have popped through, she's been back to sleeping her normal 10-12 hours a night!! She usually goes to bed between 8 and 9 and then wakes up between 7 and 8!

She's still taking two good naps most days, but there have been a lot days where she seems to be wanting to transition to just one nap. 


Nothing has really changed here! Still nursing on demand (which is usually when she wakes up, before and sometimes after naps, and before bed). She still LOVES eating food! 

She is happy about 99% of the time and bring us so much joy! She is still a Momma's girl but loves Daddy too and also loves going to Grammy's house! However, I secretly think she and Lola are best friends. The little bond those two have is my favorite thing ever.

The other morning, Daddy was telling us bye before he left for work and she crawled over to him and wanted him to pick her up, like she was trying to tell him she didn't want him to leave. It was the sweetest thing ever. 

She loves playing "Giddy Up Bear!" with Daddy - which is where Josh holds her above Lola like she's riding a horse and they all run around the house. It's hysterical. 

She loves drinking water out of her new sippy cup! I got her a spoutless one and thought it may take her a bit to figure it out but she was drinking from it like a pro in about 30 seconds! 

She loves feeding the dogs, playing fetch with them, and giving them "love pats" AKA smacking them lovingly ;)

She loves going for walks, especially in the morning and then at night before bed with Daddy.

She talks and sings all the time and it's the most beautiful sound I've ever heard.

On the day she turned 10 months old, her cousins* came down to visit, so of course we did a little photo shoot since they were all together again! It was a crazy, adorable, chaotic, super fun time! Haha! Getting a good photo of 3 babies is way harder than it looks... luckily the other two aren't mobile yet so that helped some! ;)

*sort of but not really cousins... you can read about that here for clarification if you want :)

My sweet Goosey girl, we love you so so so much! I still look at you and pinch myself that you're mine! I have waited for you my entire life! You're my every prayer, hope, and dream come true! It's crazy to think back to this time last year, how we were still 2 months away from meeting you, knowing what you looked like and who you were. And now you're here - my sweet girl who's getting teeth and turning into less of a baby and more of a little girl every day. I'm so thankful it was you all along.