Lucy's 1st Halloween!!

Sorry for falling off the grid for a couple weeks!! We've had a lot going on... from lots of photo shoots, some house stuff, Halloween stuff, and life in general.. I just haven't had a chance to sit down and blog! Hopefully I can catch up on all of that soon, but until then... last night was Lucy's first Halloween so what better place to start?!

We didn't dress up and go trick or treating... mostly because duh, she's a baby and can't eat candy and we don't need to eat the candy, but also just because our neighborhood is so small we hardly ever get any trick or treaters anyway. Last year was the first year we really got some and this year was a bit better but I'd still say we only got maybe like 20? So we just wore our Halloween shirts and passed out the candy instead.

Lucy enjoyed chewing on the candy (in the wrappers) and we tried to make sure not to give out any of the pieces with baby slobber on them! ;)

We did dress up over the weekend though and went to Lucy's first Halloween party! I went back and forth on having our Halloween party this year (we didn't do it last year either!), but ultimately decided not to... I just wasn't sure how it would go logistically with Lucy. It usually lasted until midnight, and she obviously needs to go to bed way before then. Maybe we'll try next year! 

Instead, we went up to my aunt & uncle's house in the country with my mom for their little Halloween party. Every year they do a big cookout and he takes everyone on a hay ride. I've never gotten to go before because it's usually when we have our party! I didn't know if I was going to go this year either (I had photo shoots all weekend!) but it ended up working out where I could go, so I decided to at the last minute and threw mine and Lucy's costumes together that morning!

I thought they turned out pretty cute!

Cutest little witch I ever did see!!

Lucy loves GG! (Great Grammy)

We ended up skipping the hay ride because it was late and it was going to be over an hour long... plus we had over an hour drive home! Maybe next year!

I feel like we fit in a lot for her first fall/Halloween! Boo at the Zoo, Huber's, Halloween party... so much fun!! Everything is more fun with her now.


It's so crazy to me that a year ago we were still about 6 weeks away from meeting this Boo-tiful little stinker, and now we couldn't imagine life without her!!!!

Happy 1st Halloween, Lucy Goose!! You make life so much more FUN!

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