11 months of Lucy!

I'm a bit behind getting this post up, buuut better late than never, right?! The pictures were at least taken on the right day! I've just been so busy this past week getting all the photos from my Christmas Tree Farm mini sessions edited and sent out! So now a whole week has gone by, and we're only THREE weeks away from Lucy's FIRST birthday! WHAT?! I did her cake smash photo shoot yesterday to get some pictures for her invitations!! I'll share once they're all sent out! :D

Anyway... at 11 months.....she's around 18 pounds, wearing 9-12 and 12 months clothes & size 3 diapers, has 6 teeth and sleeps 10-12 hours most nights! Oh, and CONSTANTLY moving. Sooo busy!

She took her first unassisted steps 3 days before she turned 11 months!!! She did it at home one night when Josh and I were playing with her on the floor. We weren't even trying to get her to walk, she just randomly did it... we looked at each other and said, "I think she just walked!!" and since then, she can't get enough walking! She's taken about 4 or 5 steps on her own, but she still prefers crawling most of the time as it's faster for her, but she LOVES pushing her little walker. I take her outside a lot with it now because she gets mad when she hits a wall inside! haha

I was so happy we were both there to see her very first steps together! We both missed her learning to sit up on her own (she did it when we had both left the room), and Josh missed her crawling for the first time because Lucy and I were in North Carolina.

She LOVES to eat! Now days she definitely prefers real food over baby food. She pretty much gets 3 solid meals a day and only gets baby food if we're out and about or if she can't eat whatever we're eating for some reason. She still nurses a few times a day, usually in the morning, before bed, and before her nap.

Speaking of naps, we're still transitioning to one nap. I think? She seems to only take one most days now, but several days last week she took NONE! Well, not completely none but she'd catnap in the car for 10 minutes and think that counted for a full nap! Luckily this weekend she took a solid 2-3 hour nap both days so I'm hoping we're getting it figured out!

She also learned to stack bowls, drink from a straw, and throw the ball for the dogs which is basically the cutest thing ever! She also loves to hand us things and feed us which is so funny! She is such a sweet girl and we can't get enough!!

Lucy Eileen, life with you is so much fun and we love you so so much! Happy 11 months!!! 

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