Feast Mode!!

Oh hey! I know Thanksgiving was almost a week ago, but I've been super busy with photo shoots, family get togethers, etc!


Lucy's 1st Thanksgiving is officially in the books and I think it's safe to say she enjoyed it!!! She has always eaten like a champ and Thanksgiving at Grammy's house was no exception! 

I think it's pretty obvious that this little turkey ranks up at the top of our list of things we're thankful for this year! It's so hard to believe that last Thanksgiving I was super pregnant... we didn't even know Lucy yet... and now, a year later, here she is! She feeds herself! She walks! She talks (well, babbles!) And she's completely stolen our hearts!

Speaking of walking. 

She took her first steps a couple days before she turned 11 months old, and then didn't do much more for a week or so.. then last Wednesday we went up to North Vernon and I don't know if seeing Aidan run around inspired her or what, but while we were at their house she started taking more and more steps and now she's ALL over the place!!! She's a little walking pro and has even mastered standing up without holding onto anything. She is SO proud of herself!! It's so surreal to see her just walking around the house now. WHERE DID MY BABY GO?!

Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!