What's in my diaper bag!

diaper bag

Today I thought it would be fun to share what's in my diaper bag! I know when I was pregnant I always wondered what you really needed and what other moms carried around with them everywhere! What I carry now is different than what I carried when Lucy was younger, but not really by much... other than at first I carried a lot of stuff I didn't know that I didn't need! haha

When we go on vacation I'm an over-packer, but for everyday toting I try to keep it simple! Here's what I keep in our bag:


Diapers & wipes. 

Change of clothes. This is less important now than it used to be, but I always have one just in case. With a coordinating bow because obviously.

Essentials for mom - chapstick & hand sanitizer.

Boobie BarsThese are my new favorite! I'll be sharing more about them (along with a giveaway!) later this week! (Use code MRSADWELL20 for 20% off your order!)

Nursing/teething necklaceThis was great for keeping Lucy focused on nursing when she was younger, now we don't nurse as often out in public but she still loves playing with it!

Sophie the Giraffe. Or any other toy really. 

Snack for Lucy. I usually try to keep a pouch or two of baby for when we go out.. she eats a lot of what we eat (table food) but sometimes these are easier if we're eating out or on the go. I usually also have some sort of teething biscuit, baby puffs, or something like that too.

Nursing coverWhich I now mostly use as a shopping cart cover. 

Bib. I forget one half of the time and end up regretting it if we go out to eat so I always try to keep one with us!


And that's about it! Anything I missed it?! What do you keep in your diaper bag?