My top 3 Breastfeeding Necessities

When I was pregnant I knew I wanted to try breastfeeding, but I honestly didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I do or to keep with it as long as we have. I knew it was healthiest for the baby, and said I'd like to do it for at least a year, but really had no idea how it would go. 

All I heard when I was pregnant was about how hard it is... which is true, at first. The first two weeks? Yeah, those sucked. In more ways than one ;) But once we got through those it got a bit easier... and after the first month, we had pretty much gotten the swing of things! 

And now? We're almost 11 months in and I am SO GLAD I stuck with it! It's not only healthiest for Lucy, but it's also cheaper (I mean, free compared to however many cans of formula you go through in a week...), good for mom, easier when you're out & about (I've never had to think about how many bottles we need to take when we go out... if she gets hungry, I just give her a boob! It's already ready and warm! ;)) and I have to say I love our nursing time together. Just me and her. Bonding. Sometimes at 3am but hey it's so much easier to just nurse her than to make a bottle at 3am.. goes back to that being easier thing!

Anyway, I'm thankful that I've been able to nurse her this long with virtually no problems! You really don't need anything to breastfeed except a baby and a boob, but there are a few products that have made our breastfeeding journey just a little easier....

1. Nursing clothes! 

nursing maxi dress c/o

I have shared my love of nursing clothes here and here. They really do make breastfeeding sooo much easier, especially when out in public! 

Also, nursing pajamas?! Game changer for middle of those night feeds! 

nursing pajamas c/o

2. Nursing cover.

To be honest, I rarely use these anymore except for as a shopping cart cover! I used them as a nursing cover for the first couple months until I got comfortable with nursing in public... now it's second nature to me and I'm not embarrassed to be nursing in public but at first I HAD to have a cover! And some people may want one even once they get comfortable with it.. either way I LOVE these covers. So great and multi-purpose! Nursing cover, shopping cart cover, car seat cover, infinity scarf. I'm all about a product that can be used so many ways!

3. Lactation bars!

You've heard about being hungry all the time while pregnant right? Well, breastfeeding takes that to a WHOLE new level. Soooo hungry! All. The. Time. I try to stick with healthy foods but that's not always easy when you also need them to be easy to eat with one hand, especially at the beginning when you're nursing 25 hours a day. 

Enter Boobie Bars! They are delicious bars packed with herbal supplements to help boost milk supply! And the awesome thing about them is that instead of having to take many vitamins or eat lots of snack bars per day, they have your daily dose of milk-boosting herbs in a single bar! Plus, they're delicious! Did I mention that?! Delicious, healthy, and milk-boosting! Wins all around! 

Want to try them?! Use code MRSADWELL20 for 20% off your order!


And those are my top 3 nursing necessities! What are your's?!