Santa, baby!

Yesterday on her 1st birthday, we took Lucy to see Santa! Annnd.... our Santa encounter this year went exactly as I expected... haha! She screamed hysterically! I honestly would have been surprised if it had gone any other way... my poor little Momma's Girl! ;)

This Santa though... he is seriously THE BEST! We took her to him last year (she was only 4 days old!!!!) because it's free (you get one free photo but they have additional packages you can purchase) and they let you bring your own camera.. what I wasn't expecting last year was how genuinely nice he was, taking his time with each family, comforting the kids who were scared, etc. Not just a fake Santa there for a photo op, he truly embodies the spirit of Christmas! 

This year... we were the ones with the screaming baby! ha! *hands over eyes emoji* 

He was SO GREAT with Lucy and very patient.. tried comforting her (to no avail), so we took the obligatory screaming on Santa's lap photo, then got in line to wait to see our photos. Then this happened:

Still traumatized. Poor kid.

He walked over to us and gave her a kiss! I'm so glad I had my camera out to capture that moment!!

Maybe next year she won't be so upset... maybe. Poor girl. 


Do your kids like Santa? Any tips for making it not so traumatic?! Or is it just one of those things?! haha

 P.S. If you're local, he's at BassPro!! ;)