Lucy's Winter ONEderland!

Sorry we've been slightly MIA! As always this time of year, I am WAY behind on blogging! The holidays were crazy, which I will eventually catch you all up on, but backing up even before all that... we had Lucy's 1st Birthday!!!! 

Wait, backing up even before that, I just realized that I never shared any of her cake smash photos!

Okay, I won't share all of them because I have approximately 387693278364 pictures to share from the party! ;) I was super proud of our little cake smash shoot though! Cake smashes are some of my favorite shoots to do for clients, and I was super excited to come up with Lucy's. I took them a couple weeks before her birthday because I wanted to use a photo on her invitations. I was hoping she'd dig into her cake like she does mashed potatoes.... wasn't quite as messy, but she still got into it and we had a successful shoot! 

I digress. Onto the party!

I'm pretty sure we blinked and just like that, our sweet Lucy Goose turned ONE! It's crazy to think it's been an entire year since she entered our lives and stole our hearts! On one hand, I can't believe it's been a whole year now, and on the other hand I can't believe it's only been a year.

We celebrated with a Winter ONEderland with our family and closest friends! I know she's just a baby and she has no idea, but I kinda believe a 1st birthday party isn't so much about the baby as it is all the people around her. Of course it's amazing that she turned one, but it's just as amazing that we've gotten to this point with her! Josh and I made it through a year of sleepless nights (well, maybe like 9 months... God bless our good little sleeper!), a year of firsts, a year of pride & joy, a year of worry, a year of learning just how full our hearts could really be! A whole year as parents!!! And of course, we couldn't have done it without our "village." This party was just as much a celebration for all of us for making it through this year as it was a celebration of her first year of life! So, we had a "small" party with our family & closest friends :)

Lucy had a blast!! She still has a bit of stranger danger so I wasn't sure how the day would go, but she LOVES other kids and since the party was at our house I was hoping she'd have fun... and she did! She did really well with letting other people hold her too, I was so proud of her! :)


In the dining room we had the cake/sweets table.


Then in the kitchen we had a hot chocolate bar, chili bar, & other snacks including: melted snowman dip, snowman snack mix, assorted snowman noses, and melted snowman & polar pop to drink.


A couple days before the party, I realized that any other time we have had this many people over to our house it was warm outside and we were able to also hang out outside... haha! Oops. We were a bit cramped, but it was fun! 


I set up a "photo booth" in our basement studio, one because I LOVE doing these at our parties! We usually have one at our Halloween parties and they always end up producing the best pictures!! I was also hoping then maybe people would hang out in the basement a bit to spread out the crowds, which didn't exactly happen but hey, it was still fun!

(I ended up printing out all the photos and mailing them to everyone with a "Thank You" card, this way they got to keep them as a party favor!)

We hung out for awhile while everyone ate, then we opened presents! 

Lucy usually isn't too into toys, but she really seemed to love everything she got! 

Then we sang "Happy Birthday!" and cut into the cake.... I didn't cry, but I did tear up as a wave of gratefulness just hit me like a ton of bricks.  Exactly seventeen months prior - July 11th, 2015 - we stood in the exact same spot in our dining room celebrating my 29th birthday, about to cut into a cake that would reveal the gender of our unborn baby. I would have been absolutely thrilled with either but have prayed for a daughter since I was a young girl.... and not too long ago, I found out Daddy was secretly hoping for a girl as well. Then on December 11th, 2016 - we stood in the exact same spot singing "Happy Birthday" to our daughter and celebrating her 1st birthday with our closest friends and family. I teared up at that moment, realizing the culmination of not just a year, or even 17 months, but a lifetime of answered prayers.


I love how she shared her cake with Daddy! 

She loves to share and feed people! :)

And that pretty much sums up my sweet girl's FIRST birthday party!!! Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate!! 

HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY, LUCY EILEEN! We love you so so much!!!