Year in Review

2016... AKA the year we got to know our girl! Going through photos of the year and seeing how much she has changed in just 12 short months... crazy! 

Lots of amazing, fun memories this year with my favorite people. Our first year as a family of 3! Trips to the Dominican Republic, French Lick, and Canada as a family... a girls trip to Myrtle Beach and Daddy also traveled to Taiwan and Japan for work... and got stranded in Japan because he somehow traveled on an expired passport! Lucy and I both turned 30 - me, years; her, weeks - on the same weekend. Lucy's first trip to the beach, the family farm & the pumpkin patch. Her first Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Birthday (which I'll be re-capping soon! ;)) So many firsts. So many snuggles. So many dirty diapers and dog farts. So many hugs and kisses and giggles. And so, so much love. 

Here's to 2017! 

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