Who doesn't want to ride around Target in a hammock?

This post is sponsored by Binxy Baby. All opinions are 100% my own.


Lucy is almost 3 months old, and I've been grocery shopping with her by myself approximately one time. And by approximately I mean precisely. 

She hates her car seat. Like seriously, hates it with almost every fiber of her being. She screams her head off 99% of the time in it. Occasionally (rarely) she finds herself totally content in it, but that happens almost never and I can't figure out what makes her happy in it so it's completely random. So that, along with the fact that car seats take up so much space in shopping carts, I just haven't figured out how to master that chore solo quite yet.

Enter: The Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock!

When they asked if I'd like to try one out, I jumped at the chance because really, what did I have to lose?! Plus, it's super adorable.

But truth be told, I was a bit skeptical - not of the product itself, but of the product with my diva baby. Lucy does not like to lay down. Like, I think she would sleep standing up if she could. So I was fully expecting to lay her in it and she would scream her head off, as she does. But no! She was super happy, smiley, & content the whole time! She could look around and see! And she wasn't totally confined like she is in her car seat. 

The other thing I LOVE about it - almost as much as the fact that Lucy was 100% happy in it the whole time - is that it's elevated so we could fit all the items that we wanted (and didn't need) underneath it! It's not safe to put a car seat in the front seat of the cart, even though you see that all the time, so I only feel comfortable putting it in the basket of the cart... which leaves literally no room for groceries (or 100 items from Target.) This solves that problem!

And if you're lucky and you have a baby who loves her car seat, you can use this hammock with the car seat, too! Which is much safer than putting it in the front of the cart, and frees up the basket for all your goodies!

This hammock is seriously a game changer for us and I'm so excited to use it more! 

We conquered Target, next up - the grocery!!