Our first family vacation!

We are back!! From our first vacation as a family of THREE! (Well, at least with Lucy on the outside.. Lucy's in-utero travels here and here ;)) 

Before we had a baby, I knew I didn't want having one to stop us from doing what we'd normally do (for the most part... obviously having a baby does change things) but I heard from so many people while I was pregnant, "Oh, you won't be able to do anything for a long time! Enjoy it now!" or some variation of the sort. 

Won't be able to do anything? What the heck?! Having a baby is not a handicap. Of course, our vacation was different than it may have been sans baby, but that doesn't mean it was bad. If anything, vacationing with Lucy was more fun because seeing her experience new things for the first time? So much joy! 

Either way, for our first trip with a baby I knew I wanted to do something fairly easy.... so a road trip was out. (My tiny girl HATES her car seat! She is getting better about it, but I still won't be taking her too far in the car yet.) Josh's birthday is Friday, and a couple months ago I was trying to think of somewhere fun we could maybe go to celebrate. That's when our neighbor, Nikki (who we went to Hawaii and Jamaica with) told me she was going back to the Dominican Republic at the end of April. She had gone last October and loved it, and although she was staying on the adults only side, there was a kid-friendly side too. So, that made my decision easy! She'd been before and was going back so I figured it must be nice, and it was all-inclusive which meant I didn't have to worry about planning activities, budgeting for food, renting a car, etc. Plus a beach resort meant we could just spend the week relaxing with no pressure to be super busy with sightseeing activities with Lucy... so much easier to go with the flow and have low expectations when pretty much all you want to do is lay on the beach or by the pool anyway :)

So that's how we decided on the Dominican. 

And overall? Mission accomplished. We spent our days in the sun (well, mostly the shade... since, you know, the baby) and enjoyed some uninterrupted family time. And you guys? I am SO proud of my sweet girl! She was the perfect little traveler there and back! I figured she would be pretty good on the plane, since she's happy most of the time and wouldn't have to be in a car seat, but part of me still wondered if we'd be those parents with the inconsolable crying baby on the plane... but nope! She exceeded my expectations and didn't cry once. If she got fussy it was just because she was hungry or tired, and would nurse and go right to sleep. I'm so grateful for my easy going little travel companion and can't wait for more adventures with her!! 

Total re-cap of our trip coming soon!! Spoiler alert - it went mostly like this: 

Happy Tuesday!!