The Dominican Republic

Well, we did it! We took our baby out of the country and made it back all in one (or I guess 3...) pieces! And actually? My sweet girl surpassed my highest hopes and expectations for the trip! She was so so soooo good! I know I already mentioned that, but seriously you guys, I was the proudest mommy! She was an excellent traveler, and was so easy going during the whole trip. She slept like a champ, smiled so big at anyone who would talk to her, and squealed about everything she liked... which was pretty much everything! For example, there was a big chandelier in the dining room... and she would spend most of dinner just squealing at it! If only we could all be so effortlessly happy! It was so fun to watch her take in her new surroundings. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip!

We kept her in the shade most of the time, but of course we had to take her swimming! She wasn't sure at first because the water was cool, but after the first day it warmed up a lot and she loved it!  Hint hint Daddy, we need a pool! ;)

We didn't take her in the ocean, just a dip in with our toes! There was a red flag out most days which meant to stay out (enter at your own risk), and obviously with a 4 month old you shouldn't chance anything like we did in Mexico

I had thought about taking a boat ride to Catalina Island, but I wasn't sure how an excursion like that would go with a baby (since it was several hours long, I didn't know if there would be shade on the boat, etc) so I decided not to. Maybe next time, when she's a bit older.  

So, that was our first trip with our baby and overall I would say it was definitely a success!! We're happy to be home, but I can't wait for more adventures with my sweet girl!