This guy.

Yesterday was his birthday! The 7th one we've celebrated together... crazy to think! I'm going out on a limb though and saying this year is his best yet! We've got our favorite little person to celebrate with! 

On our vacation he read a few "Daddy" books about how to raise a strong daughter. I really could not ask for more. I personally don't think there's anything more attractive than a good father. :)

We put on some real clothes and I took him out to a fancy dinner.  

My mom made him a birthday cake so we did cake & presents before we headed out.

I sat Lucy in her Bumbo and sat the gift bag down next to her and she immediately went at it. Cutest thing ever. She's got this birthday thing down already! 

We left right before our reservations at 7 and then we were home by 8:15 because, in my mom's words, Lucy was "a hot mess." Most of the time she's super happy and easy going, but sometimes she just needs her momma, so mommy and daddy come home early instead of going out for dessert or a movie.... and that's real life but we wouldn't have it any other way :)

Happy Birthday, Josh! Lucy girl and I love you so much!

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