The big 3-0!!

On Saturday I turned 30!!! So crazy! Honestly though, it doesn't even feel that weird (25 felt weirder to me!) Maybe because life right now is all I have ever hoped for and more. 

Last year on my birthday we found out our little peanut was a GIRL! That was a pretty amazing gift as I have dreamed of having a daughter for as long as I can remember... but this year definitely topped it because I actually got to celebrate with HER! 

And! She turned 30 weeks old on Sunday. How crazy is that?! If she was born even a couple days earlier or later, we wouldn't have turned "30" together on the same weekend. :)

My mom and Josh threw me a little mid-day surprise party at my mom's new house. I was a little bit suspicious when Josh was all of a sudden "starving" at 2 in the afternoon so we needed to leave "right now!" Seriously I wasn't even remotely hungry and I am the one who is always (always!) hungry, and he can usually eat breakfast and then not eat until dinner (not that he does that frequently, but it has happened; whereas if I didn't eat between breakfast and dinner I would get HANGRY!)... so for him to be so hungry and me not... it tipped me off a bit ;) But I was still surprised! 

My face walking into Mom's house.. ha! 

Lucy LOVED the balloons! 

For dinner that night my sweet husband took me, my mom, and my aunt Audrey to dinner at PF Chang's. He also got me 4 birthday cards because I've been giving him a hard time about not getting me a Mother's Day card (he's not a card person!) So he got me a sweet card, a funny card, a card from Lucy, and a card with a Boston Terrier on it. I'd say he made up for it! ;)

And then for my "big" gift... a vacation this fall!! 

How beautiful is this?! I CAN NOT wait!! 

Thank you all for the sweet birthday messages, texts, phone calls, and cards! It was a good day! Cheers to 30! 

How was your weekend?!