Family Weekend in French Lick!

Last year, we took our first group family vacation with my brothers and their families. We are trying to make it an annual thing, but this year we found out that we really need to get it on the books in, like, January otherwise it's practically impossible to find a weekend (let alone a week!) that works for everyone. Last year we were able to plan a week in South Haven because we planned it in January.

This year, I was a bit pre-occupied in January (what, with a newborn?!) and Jenn was 7 months pregnant! So we didn't think about it until, oh I don't know, June?! By then... everyone was booked! We literally went through every single week(end) of the summer and could NOT find a single one that worked for all of us. My other brother Eric was in New York this weekend so he wasn't able to join us. We missed him, but figured we'd take the opportunity to get the kids together anyway! 

We also couldn't decide on a location. Since we've added TWO babies to the mix since last summer, we figured somewhere a little closer was best this year. So, we finally decided on French Lick. It's a quaint little town a little over an hour away and although I have heard a ton about it, I've never been! It was a neat place and a lot of fun and I can't wait to go back and explore everything else they have there!  

Anyway, our first stop was Wilstem Ranch where they have an elephant retreat. Lucy has been learning about the letter E on Sesame Street lately so of course we had to take her to see them! ;) Josh and I have been singing the elephants song from Sesame Street alllll weekend! Like, one of us will randomly break out into song and the other one just joins right in. I'm sure random people think we are nuts. Those tunes are seriously catchy! Anyone else think so?!

The views at the ranch were gorgeous and the elephants were fascinating! 

After the elephant retreat we were off to the waterpark! We stayed at the indoor waterpark which I loved because I didn't have to put sunscreen on Lucy!! But the roof was still "open" (it's closed in the winter so the park can be open year round) so some sun shined in and it was still breezy. 

Oh, and you guys! This lady at the waterpark told me that Lucy was my TWIN! I'm pretty sure she didn't get a good look at Josh to compare, but whatever! I wanted to give her a hug! Most days she is still pretty much his clone.

family selfie - day 1

Sorry about the picture overload, buuuut I'm kind of obsessed with these babies and their first little family vacation together!! 

Aidan was my little buddy all weekend!! I love that little dude! Two is such a fun age. He told me stories and when went out for pizza he said "pepperoni" for the first time - and he said it really well! 

Me and my brother with OUR KIDS! Still seems crazy that we're parents now! ha!

We got in the lazy river and the lifeguard made me put a lifejacket on Lucy... even though she was already in an innertube... in 2.5 feet of water... but she almost immediately fell asleep once I put her in it! I think it was like a swaddle to her! haha! She slept like this for a good 30 minutes. 

family selfie - day 2

Lucy has perfected her selfie face! I took a couple shots like this (because I am terrible at selfies and cut half of our heads off the first time!) and she grinned like this both times... so I tried it a few more times and she cheesed every time! Girlfriend knows to smile for the camera ;)


So that was our little group family get away for 2016! A little more exhausting and chaotic than last year, but I'd have to say even more full of fun with all these sweet babies! I can't get enough of them!! (Although we did mention a few times that we'd like to come back sans babies so we could go down to giant tube slides a million times! ;)) 

Now, where shall we go next year?! I'll go ahead and start planning! 

How was your weekend?!


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