Myrtle Beach!

As I mentioned before, last week we went to Myrtle Beach! I was half nervous, half excited about the trip. Excited because Cousin and I had missed our "annual" girls' trip the past 2 years so it was about time we went somewhere again! Plus - Lucy's first girls' trip!

Buuut... nervous because Josh wasn't going and neither was my mom (she was originally supposed to go, but couldn't get off work). I knew I'd still have help, but it's different being the only one fully in charge of a baby for a week. Plus she was teething, so she was a little more cranky than usual for the first couple of days. I've always heard "a vacation with a baby isn't really a vacation," and while Lucy is a great traveler, I kept this in mind and kept my expectations low (remember, teething?!) and just went into it knowing it would be different than our previous girls' trips and that Lucy and I may have to miss out on some things everyone else got to do. 

We went with my cousins Alyssa & Drew (he crashed girls' trip!), aunt Audrey, and Alyssa's mother in law, Marilyn. We drove there and stopped about half way and spent the night in Knoxville. 

Lucy did fairly well in the car... about how I expected. Pretty good, with some rough patches. She loved Marilyn's car though because it had sun roofs all the way back, so she could look out and see the sky! Taking note for my next vehicle! 

Anyway, Lucy had been to the beach before, but she was only 4 months old then, so I was excited to see what she thought of it now that she could sit up on her own and actually do things! To my surprise, she did not eat any sand! There were a few close calls with some sea shells though. ;) We stayed at a beachfront resort with a waterpark, so we split our time between the beach and the pools. 

I bought this shade tent and water-resistant/sand-proof blanket at this last minute before we left and I'm so glad I did! I didn't know what the umbrella situation would be like there and I knew Lucy would need some shade. She took naps in it every day, so I'd say it was money well spent! :)


Overall, it was quite exhausting but we had a lot of fun!! Making memories and going on adventures with my girl are totally worth it, no matter how much work is involved! I love seeing her experience new places. She just takes it all in and is so happy for the most part - except when she's getting teeth!

Lucy and I ended up flying home at the last minute... the rest of the fam wanted to do the drive home straight through, and I knew that would be a lot for her (and way more stressful for me!). She does SO much better on planes and they actually had a reward flight home on the day we needed so I could use some of my air miles and it only cost $75 to fly home! SO worth it! 

We lucked out that a flight was actually available, the airport was literally 5 minutes from our resort, and the family had to drive back to our house regardless to drop off my aunt, so they were able to drive all of our luggage home! If any of those hadn't been in place, it wouldn't have worked out. 

My girl is 8 for 8 on not crying on air planes!! I know a terrible flight could definitely happen so I have to knock on wood and not brag on her, but I am super proud of her! She just goes with the flow... as long as she's not confined to her car seat ;)

AND.. she learned to crawl at the airport in Charlotte on the way home!! She had been working on it all week and was super close.. but she finally did it there with a full audience of other stranded passengers! (TONS of flight delays and cancelled flights on our way home.. we almost got stranded too, but American Airlines came through for us and our cancelled flight actually worked out better for us!) 

Anyway. That was our Myrtle Beach vacation! 

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