Canada, day 1: A Mellow Hike

We got in around midnight so even though our hotel was over an hour away from the airport, we couldn't really see anything until the next morning. As soon as we opened the curtains I was already so impressed and we hadn't even left the hotel yet! Canada is seriously beautiful! 

On our first full day we were planning to just get acquainted with the city, do a little sightseeing, and take it easy after a long day traveling the day before. I forgot where we were, but someone told Josh it was supposed to rain the rest of the week (which didn't happen!) so he said if that was the case, he wanted to go ahead and get at least a little hiking in.

So we set out to find a trail and came across this little area near our hotel with lakes and trails, etc. We ran into a group of guys (who were there to rock climb) who told us about Ha Ling trail, and said it was "super mellow." Josh even asked if they thought it would be fine to do with a baby and they said of course! Perfect, we thought. So off we went!

It turned out.. the trail was CRAZY!! It was so super steep and involved lots of climbing!! I literally prayed out loud most of the time because I was terrified we were going to take one wrong step and fall to our deaths off the side of this mountain! Plus having Lucy just magnified my fears even more! We weren't really prepared to do a long hike.. we didn't even have any water!! We also hadn't eaten lunch (we started right around lunch time, thinking we'd go for a bit and then grab some food and then maybe go out again..) and I wasn't wearing hiking clothes! Luckily, I did at least change into my hiking boots! 

We ended up hiking for about 3.5 hours before we finally made it to the tree line and turned around. There was absolutely no way we could have summited that mountain.. even some experienced hikers turned around then. Thankfully I had packed snacks and we ran into some people who were on their way down and they gave us a couple of half-full water bottles.

Moral of the story: don't take trail suggestions from rock climbers. Noted.


All that hiking was wearing her out! 

The coolest thing happened about half way up! We ran into some deer/elk! They were literally feet from us... just looked up at us, seemed to pose for my camera, then kind of ran off... so cool! It made the crazy hike worth it!

We weren't sure if they were elk or deer.. one person we asked said elk, one said deer... so anyone know for sure?! It was cool either way.

The views once we got to the "top" were pretty awesome, I have to say.

Although Lucy was not impressed ;)

But goodness! I have never been so happy to get back on flat ground!!

This girl and her faces! She cracks me up! 

We ran to the grocery afterwards to pick up a few essentials, then headed back to the hotel for the night. 

Day 1 in the books! Tomorrow we travel the Columbia Icefields Parkway! :)

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