Canada, day 2: Columbia Icefields Parkway

This was one of my favorite days! I was looking forward to it before we even left because walking on a glacier in Alaska was one of my favorite experiences ever, and Josh was supposed to be on that trip but wasn't... so it was cool to experience this with him AND our baby! 

Buuut.. before we got to the Athabasca glacier, we cruised down the Columbia Icefields Parkway (rated one of the top 10 scenic drives in the world!!) which took us to several other awesome stops along the way!

First up, was Lake Louise! 

We were just completely in awe. It is absolutely beautiful!!! The water really is THAT blue! It was so amazing. We just stood there and stared at it. I think my favorite thing about traveling is just seeing more of God's beautiful creation. 

Next stop was Peyto Lake which was equally as blue and beautiful!

I wish we had more time at both of these places, but I'm glad we got to at least stop and take them in for a bit! 

Next we stopped and had a little picnic lunch. I'd say our lunch views weren't too shabby either!

Lucy had to stretch her little legs because she was so stiff from sitting in the bus for that long... oh wait! No she wasn't! The good thing about our tour bus was she didn't have to sit in a car seat, she got to sit on our laps like she does on airplanes. Everyone else on the tour didn't know how grateful they should be for that! haha

After lunch we continued our drive until we made it to the glacier! 

The glacier we got to walk on! (The Athabasca glacier)

We rode those giant Ice Explorer buses onto the glacier. The picture does not due them justice, they are HUGE!! Like, the tires on them are about as tall as me!! 

We took the Ice Explorer back down and had a little time to hang out before we left.

After our glacier adventure we headed back to Banff. 

We had one more stop on the way back  - Bow Lake.

Lucy wasn't feeling our selfies! ha

Seriously. Beauty everywhere. Views for dayssss. Everywhere we stopped, I thought it was the most beautiful. Then we'd stop somewhere else and it was equally as beautiful. 

And that was our day! We loved cruising the Columbia Icefields Parkway! We did a group tour (mostly because I thought it would be easier with Lucy and I liked that we got to stop at several "main attractions" all on the same tour) but it could easily be done on your own, too. HIGHLY recommend if you're ever in the Banff area!! 

I found myself constantly thinking about how grateful I was on this trip... grateful for my little adventure buddy, my loving husband, having these awesome experiences with them, and this life we are living together. I'm so thankful for all of it. 

And that was day 2! :)


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