Canada, day 5: Grizzly Bear Refuge

When I booked our Columbia Icefields Parkway tour, I stumbled across the "Discover Grizzly Bears" tour, which was another full day tour with several "main attraction" highlights, so I was in! 

Our first stop was the Takakkaw Falls waterfall... 

It was so LOUD! I mean, nothing like Niagara Falls or anything.. but still. 

Best family photo ever! Ha! I love some of the results you get when strangers take your picture! 

This picture of Lucy cracks me up. She reminds me of Randy from A Christmas Story haha!

Riding the gondola up to lunch!

We had lunch at Eagle's Eye restaurant, which is the highest restaurant in Canada! The views were pretty amazing! 

More selfies.

After we ate lunch and hung out on top of the mountain (where it was freezing!!! ....obviously, with the snow and all), then we rode the gondola back down and got ready to go visit Boo the grizzly bear!! 

We had to go a bit of the way back up the mountain to see him, and this time we had to ride a chair lift.. 

It was waaaayyyy higher than it looks and Josh had a death grip on Lucy! He was SO nervous about it. I mean, obviously it was a little nerve-wracking having her on something like that but I honestly wasn't as nervous about it as I was on some of those crazy hikes we took! On the way down he actually zipped her up inside his jacket. She screamed for a minute and then fell asleep. Ha! It was cute :)

They guarantee a "sighting" of Boo or you can come back for free. Since he has over 100 acres to roam around I was expecting to just see him off in the distance somewhere, but as soon as we got up there he was RIGHT THERE. 

Pretty awesome!! After a few minutes he walked further back and then disappeared into the trees and we didn't see him again so I was glad we got to see him so close for a little bit!

Boo is a 14 year old grizzly bear who was orphaned as a cub with his brother when his mother was illegally poached. :( They were about 5 months old at the time and usually that's a death sentence for cubs that young so typically they're euthanized. This refuge was built for them and Boo has been there ever since. His brother passed away during their first winter there, so it's just been him for all these years... although he has got out twice and they think he became a father one of those times ;)

We all really enjoyed meeting Boo! It was such a neat experience and we'd definitely recommend it if you're ever in the area! 

On the way home from the refuge, we stopped at Emerald Lake. As usual, this lake didn't disappoint with beautiful views either.

Once we finally got back to town that evening, we ordered pizza and took it back to our room and just relaxed the rest of the night! 

Lucy really wanted Daddy to share! We were all content with a fun filled day either way though! ;)

Tomorrow... our last full day in beautiful Canada and possibly Lucy's favorite: the hot springs!


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