Canada, days 3 & 4: Grassi Lakes Trail & Moraine Lake

Days 3 & 4 were our days in the middle of our trip where we didn't have anything already planned. I knew I wanted to go to Moraine Lake one day, but that was it. We ended up at Grassi Lakes trail on day 3 on the recommendation from someone at our hotel that morning. 

It was a MUCH easier trail than Ha Ling trail and was more like what I was expecting that day. We spent a lot of the day just wandering around there exploring. As per usual, Lucy took her nap while we hiked. 

I'm so thankful she can pretty much sleep anytime anywhere! 

I seriously can not get over the water in Canada. 

^^ time lapse photography without a tripod! ha

We hiked further up and there were people rock climbing. Josh would LOVE to do that, and I wish I would love it but... NOPE. NO WAY. I know they are harnessed in, but there's just no way I could do it. I know I jumped out of a plane once, but stuff like this freaks me out.

I swear she is going to just take off walking soon!! 

We let Lucy get out and crawl around on the ground for awhile. She loved it! 

Must. eat. everything.

SO PRETTY. Even with the power lines. :-/

The next day we drove to Moraine Lake, which was one of our favorite places even though it was pretty windy and cooler than we expected! 

Josh has been taking a "Saturday Morning Selfie with Dada" every Saturday morning (obviously) with Lucy for a few months now... I caught him taking last Saturday's! ;) 

I love this sweet face so much.

More selfies. Gotta have options. Lucy's like, "Really, Dad?!"


So that was days 3 & 4! Low key days just exploring.

On day 5 we met a grizzly bear named Boo! Stay tuned...


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