Canada, day 6: Sulphur Mountain & Hot Springs

On our last full day I knew I wanted to hit the hot springs, but also wanted to do a little more hiking. After doing some research I learned that the trailhead to hike up Sulphur Mountain was in the parking lot of the hot springs. One thing I read called it an "easy" trail and another labeled it "difficult." Soooo... I wasn't exactly sure what we were in for but knew we could at least ride the gondola down so we didn't have to worry about hiking all the way back down, too (which I sometimes hate more than going up!)

The trail started off great! Nice wide trails with great views...

And as per usual, Lucy decided that this was the perfect time to take a nap!

The hike up took about 3.5 hours total and while the trail itself was "easy" (no actual climbing over rocks etc like Ha Ling) it got a lot more narrow and steep as we got closer to the top.

The openings in the trees where you could see the gondola were soooo steep and made me so nervous! I couldn't even take a picture of the view down! 

We finally made it to the top and were greeted by a tiny snowman!

Lucy woke up just as we made it to the summit! She seems unimpressed.

I was so happy to be at the top and off super steep trails where you could fall to your death with one misstep! Also, I love how Lucy and I are bundled up and Josh is just chillin' in a t-shirt... crazy man!

We went inside to warm up with some coffee and relax for a bit.

Afterwards we went back outside to explore for a bit.

Such amazing views everywhere! Which Lucy missed...

Then we rode the gondola down and got in the hot springs! Lucy LOVED them!

I figured she would because she loves swimming and splashing, but she pretty much made this face the whole time! 

It was kind of like a giant awkward pool party... it was cramped full of people and hardly anyone was talking to each other. We didn't stay real long, but it was kinda one of those things you have to do when you're in Banff! Plus Lucy loved it so it was worth it! 

We left there and had dinner and while we were walking around we discovered Beaver Tails!

ummm.... yes please. Haven't eaten food like that in a LONG time! It's probably a good thing we didn't find out about it until our last day! 

I'll be sad when she doesn't sleep with her butt in the air anymore.

The next morning we hit our favorite breakfast spot (Rocky Mountain Bagel Co.) before heading home.

We had a wonderful time in Banff! I am so proud of my sweet girl for being so easy going and such a good traveler! She just takes everything in, sleeps when she wants, and is happy 99% of the time! So thankful for these adventures with my family! 

Happy Monday! 


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