The Perfect Black Maxi

This post is written in partnership with Latched Mama.

The perfect little black dress... mom version!

They say every woman needs a little black dress... I say every momma needs a black maxi dress, and every breastfeeding mama needs a black nursing maxi dress! 

Until this weather decides to quit being bipolar and realize it's actually fall, I'm constantly on the lookout for clothes that I can easily transition from cool mornings to hot afternoons. My current go-to? This black T-shirt Maxi Nursing Dress from Latched Mama!

I just throw on a jean or army jacket over it for the morning, but it's short sleeves so it's perfect by itself for the warm afternoon temperatures. It's long and black though, making it perfect for fall and super easy to pair with any fall accessories! Booties, a hat, scarf, jacket.. the possibilities are endless! 

And bonus! Since it's short sleeves and lightweight, it will be perfect in the summer months too! 

And psst... another reason I love maxi dresses? They're kind of like you're wearing pajamas, but you can wear them out in public and you still look cute and even put together! Plus, no pants! I mean, wins all around!! Grab your's here

What are some of your favorite summer to fall transition pieces?!