Project 365: Week 1

I have decided to do a 365 project this year - a picture a day. I couldn't decide if I really wanted to commit but I'm already glad I'm doing it! I figured it would be a fun way to document Lucy's 2nd year as I know she is going to change SO MUCH this year going from 1 to 2. But not only that, it's forcing me to pick up my camera (I'm trying my best to take them all with my "real" camera and not my iPhone), capture moments I may not otherwise, and appreciate pictures I may have previously overlooked. Like this one above. Before I may have thought it was too dark, the lighting was off, and no smiles so it would have been deemed unusable... now, I love the moody shadows, the sweet bond captured between my girl and her furry best friend, and the little details of an otherwise mundane moment but a moment that makes up our real life, frozen in time forever - like Lola's tongue sticking out, Lucy petting her face and laughing, our dirty windows, Lola's heart shaped collar that she's had since we brought her home, and Lucy's signature bow. My goal this year is to capture more REAL moments and worry less about perfection... perfectly posed photos and a clean house alike. :)

I've decided I won't post them all on Instagram (maybe some here and there ;)) but I'll post them weekly on the blog. So, here's week 1...

Okay, actually that's the first 9 days... :)

Anyone else doing a project 365?! Comment and leave me a link! I'd love to see!