Port 1: Cozumel, Mexico

Cruise 130t
Cruise 130d

Cozumel was our first stop & one of my favorites... because 1) it was beautiful and 2) WE SWAM WITH DOLPHINS!

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we swam with dolphins at Chankanaab Park which was absolutely beautiful. While we waited for our turn to swim with the dolphins, we got to lounge around the beach in neat wooden chairs and hammocks, and enjoy the white sand beaches. So peaceful & pretty!

But I was definitely ready to swim with the dolphins..

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we swam with 2 dolphins named Scarlet and Estefan. They were so cute!!! We did the dorsal pull {where you hang onto their fins and they pull you along}, the foot push {where you are basically standing on their heads as they push you out of the water - amazing!}, gave them a kiss, a hug, and shake their fins. Then we had some free time with them where we got to dance and sing with them.

It was the best thing ever! If you ever have a chance to swim with dolphins I recommend it 150%! :)