Port 2: Roatan Island, Honduras

Now we're off to...

Roatan Island, Honduras

Cruise 150

we took a beach bus to the beautiful Tabyana Beach.

The island of Honduras is pretty impoverished, which also meant it was basically un-touched by tourist stuff.

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and one of the coolest things about Roatan is that it has the second largest barrier reef in the world... right behind the Great Barrier Reef in Australia! And the best part about it was that the reef was right under the water so you didn't even have to go scuba diving to see it. We went snorkeling! It was amazing because you could be floating at the top of the water and stick your head right under the water and you saw this...

Cruise 157a

Seriously, coolest thing ever!!!

Cruise 157b
Cruise 157d
Cruise 157e

I'd only ever been "snorkeling" in my pool, so snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea was a pretty amazing new experience! :)