Wall-E & Heart Flutters

So today wasn't as long as I thought it was going to be. It was a pretty good day, actually! Minus my random, un-explained heart condition. I took Harris and his friend Wesley to see Wall-E. It was so cute! I must have been living under a rock until today because I actually hadn't heard of it until a couple days ago when his mom asked me to take them to see it.

It was definitely cute and the boys both gave it an "AWESOME!" So, way to go Disney/Pixar!

My heart/chest has been doing the nervous/anxious/tightness feeling all.day.long! Yesterday it was a few times throughout the day, today it has been happening pretty frequently and consistently. Still for seemingly no reason and it still goes away as quickly as it comes. But I am so blessed to know the people I know! I am so very thankful for the moms of the kids I watch, who turn into concerned mothers for me when I need them since mine is 5 hours away (not that she is not as concerned and supportive as they are!), even the ones that have moved out of town.

Maureen offered to go to the ER with me tonight if I wanted to go, even though it's their anniversary and she has 4 kids at home! And Amy & Tim talked to me and offered to call doctors and get me in really quick either tonight (at the hospital) or at the cardiologist on Monday - and they don't even live in Jackson anymore! And did I mention it's their anniversary, too?!

Happy Anniversaries, everyone!

Annnd... I am of course also thankful for Beth's family, who have pretty much adopted me as one of their own. This will probably prove to be more of an "awkward blessing" than just a regular one as Dr. B (Beth's dad) is probably going to give me an EKG in the morning. But in all seriousness, I am very thankful that he can and is willing to see me tomorrow.

I will definitely miss all of my TN family when I move home!

Wish me luck getting to sleep and at the doctors tomorrow....
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