Fix A Flat to the Rescue!

This is a story about why I almost didn't make it to Tennessee on Thursday....

So, my mom and I agreed to switch cars for the weekend since her's is nicer with a lot less mileage, so that way I'd hopefully be less likely to break down on the side of the road and die during my journey south.

Dern good thing we switched cars.

THIS GINORMOUS nail was piercing through my tire causing it to spring a leak!

nail in tire

Which, in turn, made the tire do this:

flat tire

Which my mom found at 6:00am right before she headed off to work.

Which meant she woke me up at 6:01 screaming, "Lynn! You have a flat tire!"

Which made my face do this:


Because, well, for one, it was 6:01am, and for two, I started thinking, "Oh no! I can't leave mom home alone with no power AND no car. She'll be bored out of her mind! Plus, she has to get to work. Oh no, Oh no, oh no, I am not going to be able to go to Tennessee. Oh no. And she has to work today AND we won't even be able to get it fixed until Saturday. OH NO."

BUT that is not how it happened! Mom got the day off work and we devised a plan...

Call Big O Tires and see how much it costs to repair a flat.

15 dollars.


But, how do we get the car down there?

mom and fix a flat


fix a flat to the rescue!

Isn't she a good hand model?

fixing a flat

So, she fixed the flat enough to get it to the Big O Tires store.

Where we purchased 4 brand new tires for Maxine.

Which was way more than 15 dollars.

But, it made my face go like this:

Lynn and Tobey in car

because that meant I could go to Tennessee! Still on Thursday!


And I shall write about it soon....

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