I'm back!


Hooray!!! 6 whole days without power. However, I guess only 4.5 for me since I went to TN for a bit. And now, we have a lot to catch up on! I have lots to write about, and apparently lots to read about with 128 posts in my Reader! So...let's get started..

Let me tell you about my Sunday {September 14th}. Mom and I went to Wal-Mart to get some groceries. We noticed when we went in that it was kind of windy, but it was also sunny and warm, so it was pretty nice. We actually thought it was fun. Because it was more than breezy but not crazy. About an hour or so later, we came out with our groceries and made the trek alllll the way out to the car {Mom likes to park all the way out in Egypt because she's afraid carts will run into car if she parks closer.} This time it was REALLY WINDY! Like crazy windy! As we were walking, the little rocks and gravel in the parking lot were hitting us and it hurt because they were moving so fast. The roof on Wal-Mart was coming up like it was about to blow off. Some Wal-Mart workers were running down the parking lot trying to chase carts that were blowing away and blowing into cars. As I tried to open my car door, it was so windy that I was literally pulling back on it with all my weight and it would still not open. Mom tried to take the cart to one of the racks, but she could barely move it because it was lifting up off the ground about to blow away.

As we drove home our car was shaking and moving back and forth. {Keep in mind this whole time it was still sunny and windy, it never stormed.} At this point the wind went from fun to scary. We started seeing trees and power lines down EVERYWHERE. Trees had fallen into houses and cars. All we wanted to do was get home safely! We finally got to our neighborhood, but our main entrance was blocked with a down power line. I think you can technically run over them in cars, but we weren't going to chance it. So we tried another entrance, when a power line blew down as we were about to pull through! We tried another entrance and there was a tree blocking the whole street!!:

We had one last way to get to our house, but if it was blocked, then we were out of luck! Luckily, we made it.

Our power was out when we got home {and just came on again this afternoon}, and we had a bunch of trees down in the back yard.

This tree barely missed the back of our house!-

A tree split-

More in the back yard-

A tree fell on this house-

We were scared!!!

When I went to Louisville on Tuesday to babysit, I saw a HUGE Oak tree that had fallen straight over, the roots and land came up with it. It was the strangest thing.

I heard 90% of the area was without power for at least a little bit.

The whole storm was so weird. I had never seen anything like it! The aftermath reminded me of the tornado only no houses were damaged unless trees fell into them, but the storm itself was weird because it never actually stormed. It was sunny, just super windy.... so weird.

Anyway...that's why I've been gone this week. I'll write about TN soon...I'm uploading the pictures now! :)