It's nice to be 20/20 again...

So last night the madre and I were watching the Fox special on Sarah Palin and I mentioned to my mom that I thought she slightly resembled the Alaskan governor when she wore her reading glasses {because my mom doesn't wear glasses all the time.} She replied, "Really? I kinda thought so too!" hahaa.

Mostly, I think it's just the hair. But we took some pictures just for comparison... take a look:
{Sarah Palin is on the left, just in case you think they look soooo much alike and can't tell who is who}

We had a pretty good time with our little photo shoot! HAHAHA

On to another subject.... I picked up my glasses today! {Maybe I look like Sarah Palin, too? Naaahh} Since I will have to wear them some, which I'm sure will mean in public, I might as well introduce them to the bloggy world. So, here you go...:

What do you think?? They are still a little loose I think, even after having them adjusted. So I'll probably have them re-adjusted again soon and they'll fit a little better. I just feel like they need to go up on my face just a teeeny bit more. But, as I mentioned before, I am a totally inexperienced glasses-wearer, so maybe not?

Anyway - it is sooo nice having them though! I've only worn them for maybe 30 minutes today, and it's fun! I didn't realize how blurry my vision had actually gotten {really, it's not all that bad... I just hadn't really realized it until the glasses made me see perfectly again....} Here's a little example for you:

Without glasses - not horrible & I could do without the glasses, but it's just not as crisp & sharp as it could be.

SO MUCH BETTER. Just a tad sharper & it makes all the difference.

I'm only going to wear them at school & while driving.

Okay... I'm off to eat some pita pizzas! Yum!

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