Lazy Saturday

It's finally been raining here, thank goodness! The day started off cloudy & rainy so I started it off with some movies! Today has been filled with a bunch of Lifetime movies, which just so happen to be my favorite! I love Lifetime movies!!! I think I've watched 3 or 4 today. I was going to watch the premiere of the new one that comes on RIGHT NOW, but my mom is a chicken and doesn't want to! She's probably right though... if they're really scary sometimes I get a little freaked out... especially at night. So, now we're watching HGTV.

The whole day wasn't totally lazy though. I also finished my homework and did a little reading for class...and then it stopped raining and the sun actually came out, so I took Tobers on a walk. It's finally starting to get a little cool {as in the 70's} here and I'm so excited!!!

Mom & I were going to go to Shelly's to give her some clothes, but my mom was cleaning ALL.DAY.LONG. I think she's obsessed. But I guess it's better than living in filth, so thanks Mom! :) Sorry we missed you Shelly... I will drop them by next week {How's Tuesday?} & pick up the movie!
Yesterday Shelly and I watched Definitely, Maybe which was pretty good... it got confusing towards the end for about 5 seconds, but other than that it was good I thought.

Next week we are going to rent Baby Mama. I've been wanting to see that ever since it came to theaters back whenever that was.

I also want to see Made of Honor sometime, which I thought about renting yesterday but Hollywood Video didn't have it. Or if they did I couldn't find it, which I thought was strange. So maybe I'll get that next week too.

I'm also patiently waiting for Obie and Zeke's filter to get here! I finally got it ordered.... yesterday I think. I think my mom is more excited about it than anyone else - even the turtles! So tank set up will definitely be on my list of things to do next week.

But for now...I think I'm going to go eat some ice cream...or cake. Or ice cream & cake. Or cake flavored ice cream. {yes, I really have that}. Later!

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