Don't stop believin'!

Moving right along to Friday {May 22nd}... I'm now only a week behind in blogging! Woohoo! Wish I could say the same for scrapbooking. Oh well.

So Friday evening we went to dinner at Rafferty's with a group of 6 girls, and Tayo {pronounced "tie-yo" as in "tie yo shoes," as he introduces himself}. I'm pretty sure he felt/looked like a pimp.

awesome hair

the ride to dinner gave me an amazing hair style

me & tayo

me & Tayo

journey 010

me & Goley at dinner
Then Britt & Goley convinced us to come out with them to see a Journey cover band called Chain Reaction. They were pretty good! They had seen them before and were so excited they were coming to Jackson and said we had to come!!! So, we did.

journey 055

winking is our new thing

journey 035

me & Sarah... I love this girl!

journey 024

ha! who knows?

journey 029

we danced during the slow songs, and everyone was jealous of our amazing dancing abilities.

journey 057

journey 042

It was a fun & relatively relaxed night. Afterwards we went back to Sarah's room & watched The Wedding Date and enjoyed food from both Sonic and McDonalds. I am pretty sure I ate enough food for about 12 people this whole day!!! It was slightly ridiculous.

And Graduation is next... check back soon!