Surprise, Surprise! TN again {Part 1}

Okay....let me take you back to May 14th. That's the last time I've really updated my blog.

So, let's start there. That night I spent the night with Mia... and we survived! Hooray! The next day I went straight to TN. I think I got there around 9:00ish in the evening. Sometime that night, we had a dance party in the middle of the quad at the dorms. It was a pretty happenin' dance party!

Jackson 018

Jackson 023

Jackson 034

It consisted of me, Kristen, Angela {AKA Pat Pat}, Bridget, and Jared, and our music came from Pat Pat's cell phone. It was pretty much awesome.

The next night we went out for karaoke and go karts!!!

Jackson 043

I had been waiting to ride go karts allll day long... and we were EXCITED!!!!

Jackson 047

Jackson 046

But they were closed! And we were sad. They told us they closed at 1:30am, so we went at 1... but they were already closed! Losers.

Jackson 038

Jackson 087

Pat Pat and I doing our new dance {shown at the beginning of the video}

Next day. Since it was the weekend before finals, we spent most of the next day at The Emma AKA the school library. But don't think it was all boring... we actually had a pretty good time!

the emma 0514833638251 the emma 055

we studied with Allen and gossiped told him about our other friends on the baseball team... we formed the circle of trust, but decided it was more like a triangle.

the emma 059

we became best friends with Josh and Alex.. who are also best friends! they are precious and crazy!!

the emma 026

and of course, we played Apples to Apples during a study break. Duh.

{ok, well I wasn't studying since I've been done with school for a few weeks now.. but everyone else was...}

We were in the library until like...2am or something. And the next day I came home... for a whole 3 days.

Then as I was gearing up for my trip BACK to TN, I went to the gas station to get gas on Wednesday evening so I wouldn't have to worry about it before I left on Thursday. And on my way home from getting the gas, this happened:

It was my first accident ever! I've never even been pulled over before, so I had no idea what to do! But it all worked out.

And have no fear! We got a rental car early Thursday morning and I was still able to leave right on time for TN Thursday afternoon. And that brings us up to this past weekend!

To be continued....