Cute Babies & a Hangover

I've been having lots of fun with my new camera!! Lucky for me I spend most days with a cute baby and also have friends with cute babies who are more than willing to let me take pictures of their kiddos for fun!


Yesterday I snapped a few pictures of Mia after she woke up from her nap, and they turned out pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. She's such a cute & smiley baby that my "work" definitely doesn't feel like work, and most of the time I almost feel guilty for getting paid to play with her all day!

Embry 031

Then this morning I went to take a few pictures of Shelly's babies in their Louisville outfits for her. If it wasn't so rainy we would have taken them outside, but I think we are going to have an outside photo shoot next week.

Do you know how hard it is to get 3 kids under 3 to smile at the same time?! Pretty hard. I think the best we got was 2 out of the 3 smiling at the same time... someone was always eating their hand! But they're still cute!! At least they were usually all looking in the same direction.

Embry 044

Embry 057

Embry 066

So cute!

Then I went and had lunch with Hope at Chick Fil A... I can't believe she's getting married on Saturday!!!! And she has entrusted her wedding pictures with me. Crazy girl! I hope I don't totally ruin them! :-/ Luckily, my friend Melody is going to do it with me, and she's an old pro at wedding pictures. Hope told me her only requirement is that she wants "one good one of her and Brion {her husband}.." so I am thinking I can pull that off at least! But still... it's her one & only WEDDING!!! eek!

After that Kristen and I went to see The Hangover... HILARIOUS!!!! Kristen had already seen it once, so that's how you know a movie is good.. when one of us is willing to pay full theater price to see it more than once. I typically like to wait until they hit the $1 movie theater. It was good though! So funny! And that Bradley Cooper... :)

Happy Hump Day!