A cat, a dog, & a sleepy baby

Mia 023

Okay, I haven't even had my new camera for 24 hours yet, and I'm in love. When I purchased it yesterday, it made me super nervous and almost gave me an anxiety attack {ask Kristen} to spend so much money on just one item but I took comfort in knowing that if I absolutely hated it, I had 14 days to return it for a full refund. Well, can I just tell you that even though I hate the fact that my bank account is nearly $600 smaller, I don't think I'll be returning anything... and I've already decided on my next purchase...

I've been researching lenses, and goodness they're expensive! I'm not sure how such an expensive hobby is going to go for someone cheap like myself, but we'll see. Anyway, the next particular lens that I'm going to get {hopefully soon!} is only $115.... which is cheap compared to all the others that I've seen that are at least $300+.. ..most are more than I paid for my camera, twice as much even. But the cheap $115 lens has gotten rave reviews and has already been recommended to me by 4 or 5 people.

I've also had several people tell me that their kit lens {the one I have, that came with the camera} is about as good as a paperwate, and they didn't know what they were missing until they got some other lenses. If this is true {which I'm sure it is!} then I'm super excited, because I'm already happy with the quality of my pictures & the creativity this camera allows me... and it only gets better?! I can't wait!!!

Anyway...the baby above is Mia. I've talked about her & posted pictures of her before. She's the baby that I watch. She's precious. I've been watching her since she was 5 weeks old, and she's 10 months now. She's such a good baby. I love her, and her animals...

Mia 029

This is Skunk, he's a Rhodesian Ridgeback, which is a breed I'd never heard of until I met him. He's huge. His head is about as big as my entire dog {Tobey}, but he's the sweetest thing ever.

Mia 020

And this is Trouble... AKA Cat. "Cat" is the only word Mia can say. She knows the cat is a "cat" but she also calls everything else "cat" as well. The dog is a cat, her toys are cats, even her mommy is a cat. It's adorable.

Mia 025

Mia 016

Mia 019

Mia 009

She was tired in these pictures if you couldn't tell, so I'm hoping to get some cute & smiley ones after naptime! :)
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