I uploaded the pictures from the past few days and they were all of Tobey.

I guess it's because we love him.

{if you doubt that, please refer to this post from February}

me & tobey

ugh. what a horrible picture of me. I can't believe I just posted it.


Can you tell he's loved? I went in a few nights ago to say goodnight to my mom, and this was how I found them. He gets his own side of the bed and his own pillow, which he puts his head on like a real person. Most of the time he curls up right next to my mom so he has more like 3/4ths of the bed rather than 1/2.


In other Tobey news, he really needed a haircut. Like, he was past the cute, kind of fuzzy stage and was in the WOW he's really furry! You can barely see his eyes! stage. We were already a couple weeks behind in calling to schedule his grooming appointment and when I called on Thursday, they said his groomer was out and probably wouldn't be back until the beginning of August and the other groomer was trying to catch up so she probably couldn't get him until then either. So, with the temperature being nearly 100 lately and sure to only get hotter, my mom decided to save $50 and cut his hair herself.

He hates going to the groomer, so I had to see this.

Dan came over with the clippers and to be the extra set of hands. And brought Pete {the dog}.


He wouldn't say bark it, but I'm pretty sure he was thinking in his head that he was glad it was Tobey getting tortured cut and not him.

Tobey getting his haircut
Tobey getting his haircutTobey getting his haircut

Mom said he did really good though. I'm sure it was just nice to be a little more cool in the hot summer sun. It's not quite as good as when Polly does it, but painless enough that mom has decided she's going to groom him herself every other time.

I for sure thought he was going to go crazy.

In non-Tobey-related news...

  • My mom is coming to yoga with me tomorrow morning! I'm super excited! I've been trying to convince her to come forever. I know she will love it!
  • Shelly is trying to convince me to read Twilight. Haven't decided if I'm going to give in to the pressure yet though, although she's definitely not the first one to suggest it to me.
  • Kristen got a job at a coffee shop. Tomorrow I'm going to visit her at her first official day by herself.
  • Kristen & I have been visiting churches. So far we have been to 2. We went with Hope & Brion today, but they had a special service so I still haven't been able to see what a regular service is like. I've visited a few times in the past year or 2 and I don't think I've ever seen a regular service. Oh well, maybe next Sunday!

Check back tomorrow... I'm planning to experiment with a trifle recipe.... if it goes well, I'll be sure to share it! :)