My Mom and I have a hobby....

...we like to look at houses.

Kristen and I also have a {strange?} hobby.. we like to go to stores and try on tons of stuff, then not purchase anything. This is not because we don't like the clothes or don't want them, just mostly due to lack of fund$. Occasionally though, if it's a perfect shirt and fits great, we'll make the purchase.

Me and my mom's house-hunting hobby is kind of like that...we like to "try on" houses, but so far haven't found one with the "perfect fit" to purchase. {I say "we", but I should say MOM considering she'd be the one purchasing the house.} But so far all the houses we have looked at have had something wrong with them... either they didn't have quite everything she was looking for, or the ones that did were just a little more than she wanted to spend.

Last weekend we attended the Parade of Homes, a fun little home show that I am pretty sure was made for people like us who like to look at houses without having to "waste" the time of a realtor and with no pressure to buy. Well, it just so happened that the Parade may have led us right to our "perfect fit." We've been back to look 3 times since then, and this one is even serious enough that my mom is thinking about listing our house!

house 013

Last night we even took Kristen to see it. She was, obviously, beyond excited. Or maybe she was more excited about playing with my new camera. She took about 30 pictures on the way there... and it was only a 15 minute drive!

house 023

This house is seriously perfect. I really hope it all works out. It has everything we both want, and it's so pretty. I L-O-V-E it! I'll give you a peek inside...

house 048

I would get my own bathroom again!!

house 052

I LOVE the fixtures in the bathrooms...

house 040

I would get a closet I can actually lay down in! haha

house 041

this is how I feel about that... double thumbs up! Plus every bedroom, the laundry room, and the upstairs room have walk-in closets.. my mom's room has 2. There is a TON of storage.

house 061

Clearly, Mom can hardly contain her excitement over her bedroom {which has a super ginormous bathroom, complete with a vanity and whirlpool tub}

house 056
house 036

There's an actual dining room, a luxury we miss these days... plus a bar in the eat-in kitchen, so we'd go from having next to no dining space currently to plenty of options as to where to eat!

house 076

And a KILLER kitchen... this kitchen might inspire me to actually start cooking! ;-) {this is only about half of the kitchen pictured.. it's huge!}

house 054house 075

Plus an upstairs where the craft room would be! I love the stairway... Kristen and I have already planned how to decorate it for Christmas.

This is just a glimpse of the house... I'll give you guys a whole tour if we actually get it! IF we were to get it, we would have it built, so we wouldn't be getting this exact house, just one exactly like it only my mom would be able to pick out the colors of the paint, carpet, appliances, etc that she wanted. I would totally live in this one, but it's already sold! I hope it all works out, but we'll see!

house 082

Kristen gives it a thumbs up, too!

Plus, this is what I'd see on my drive every day...

house 084

house 085

Country living at its finest... but only 5 minutes from town!