Sunday Perfection

Today was "perfect"!

First, my mom finally decided to try yoga class with me! I had been trying to convince her to come forever because I knew she would like it and I thought it would be good for her because of her low back problems. For the past few weeks she's been totally set on not coming for whatever reason, but today she changed her mind.

Well, she loved it! She didn't just like it a lot, she loved it. And she can't wait to go back. And I'm so happy!! I think it will be so good for her. She can come the rest of this week free as my guest and then she's even going to join!!!! YAY! Tomorrow I think Kristen and I might finally give the hip hop cardio class a try. We'll see how that goes, considering I have no rhythm and can't dance, but apparently you don't have to be able to. So, we'll see!

Anyway, on the way home from yoga, Mom and I went to visit Kristen at her first day alone at her new job. She works at the cutest little coffee shop downtown called Perkfection.

on the job

And clearly, she loves her job!

the moms

Since it was Kristen's first day alone, of course the moms had to come for moral support. {My mom on the left, Kristen's on the right}

chai tea

My mom got a hot beverage - chai tea - I don't know why because it was so hot outside!!


The first drink she made me! Iced chai tea. Delicious. I wanted White Chocolate but someone wouldn't make it for me. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.... and every other day that she works!

For not being a coffee drinker, Kristen's really good at her job! :)

Check back soon for the fruit trifle recipe! It's delicious!!!

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